American Mastiff Get Together Busse Woods, Illinois


*Note from Fredericka
These are such great photos, what fun! Please notice, hot day, excitement, look closely at the dog's mouths, NO DROOL!
Subject: Illinois/Indiana/Wisconsin American Mastiff Get-Together
Good Morning Lucy & Fredericka,
This past weekend we had an awesome American Mastiff get-together at Busse Woods in Schaumburg, Illinois.  We had 8 American Mastiffs together in one about heaven.  The three pups (Shelby, Achaia, & Tehya) were all born within weeks of each other.  Everyone got along great considering how HOT it was that day (mid to upper 90's).  Hope you enjoy the pictures-my favorite is Shelby in the cooler!  Please feel free to put them on your website!!
Denise M











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