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Here are a few pics from our family photos last October. We had a great day at a local park here in Erie and the girls had a blast. Have a blessed Easter Weekend!!

Dave and Beth
Lucy and Fredericka,
It has been a while since we last wrote, so I wanted to send you an update. Liberty had her first birthday a few weeks ago and Justice just finished her 7 week obiedence class. Here are some pictures.
Thanks Lucy,

Dave and Beth

Subject: Liberty Belle (Angel and Gilead)
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011
 We haven't sent an email lately, so here you go! :)  Hope all is well at the farm.  Liberty completed her first seven week Doggie Manners 101 class and we have just started her seven week intermediate class.  We stopped by the vet today just to weigh her, 75 lbs.  WOW.  She'll be 5 months in only a week.  Amazing.  She is the best, so smart and so well mannered.  Here is a recent pic.  Hope to write again soon.  Thanks,
Dave and Beth

Hello Lucy, just want to say hi and send u a picture of our puppy play date from last Night. Our friends have a 6 month old English Mastiff named Phyllis, and she and Liberty had such a good time together. It was wonderful to she Liberty get a chance to play with one of her own. Also, please feel free to post our pictures on your website. You have our permission. Talk again soon,
Dave and Beth


Subject: Liberty Belle (Angel Gilead)
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2011
Lucy, good afternoon. Hope things are great with you and all of the gentle giants. We just got back from our first obedience class and she was leaps and bounds ahead of her classmates. Thank you for such a wonderful and super smart dog. We were at the vet yesterday and she weighted in at 36.5
Here is a picture from last week and I'll send another one from just now in a new email.
Thanks as always,
Dave and Beth.


Subject: Liberty Belle (angel and giliad)

Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011

Lucy, just a quick note. We took Libby to the vet on Friday and she weighed 24 lbs. All is well here. Hope all is well with u.
Thx Dave and Beth


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