KuneKune Pigs

"In God We Trust"
Members of the AKKPS


Our goal is to raise the very best Kune Kunes available anywhere.

Each of our foundation breeding stock was pick of its litter and closely matches the Kune standard of perfection. Our herd is comprised of bloodlines from the original New Zealand imports and the more recently imported lines from the UK. All of which trace directly back to New Zealand.

We are more than pleased with the piglets our Kunes have produced. They have exceeded all expectations. So if you are interested in getting started with Kunes, looking for breeders, adding to your herd, or just want a pet, please phone us at

email:      phone: 740-493-2401

While our Kunes are "For those who want the very best" our reasonable prices are always a pleasant surprise to our clients.

Prices; With papers, Gilts $1,000 / Boars $1,000
Without papers, Gilts $600 / Boars $300


George "Bob" Wagner Jr. & Fredericka Wagner
PO  Box 845  /  Piketon  /  Ohio  45661
Phone: 740-493-2401
Fax: 740-493-0072

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