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Hello Fredericka, George and Robin,

I know a lot of people want to keep their horses black all year, but love it when they turn bronze in the Summer. I wouldn't want to keep them black all year and miss out on just how lovely they are with their lighter coat. These two are actually lighter when their a little dirty. I guess the dirt makes the coat look lighter (almost brown). I'll attach some pictures of Kit (Princess Kiyana) after being brushed and combed, but before being rinsed off (which is where the rest of the dirt gets removed). The pictures of Val (Baronness Von Vashti) are after being combed brushed, rinsed and dried. You can see that before the rinsing Kit looks lighter than Val. They are both a beautiful bronze aftwards, but I didn't think of getting a picture of Kit afterwards. In another 6 weeks they'll be working their way back to being black again. They're lovely no matter what color they happen to be and I enjoy having the variation even if I am a bit more partial to the bronze look :) I'll also include a picture of Kit after she'd knocked some flowers off a tree into her mane. The joke was that she'd put flowers in her hair :)) Progress update. Kit is taking the saddle with no problem and I can lead her to a table, mounting stand, chair, etc... to stand on and she'll let me lay across her back. She'll be 4.5 years during the holidays, so it will be time to start working on riding her. She's up at least an inch since last year so I know in the end I'll have to find stumps, ditches or sloping ground if we're out riding and I want to remount without having to put all my weight on one side to pull myself into the saddle. During a walk with Kit a few weeks back a dog from down the road came out to investigate us. I had to hold Kit and talk soothingly to her, because she was on the verge of charging dog (head extended forward, ears back, couple of warning snorts) when he got within about 20 feet. Discretion being the better part of valor the dog wisely concluded the returning home was it's best course of action, but Kit kept her attention on him and didn't want to immediately continue our walk. So once again, she's not spooking at things. I wondering what it would take to spook her. So far bicycles came the closest. Cars, trucks, buses, snakes, deer, tractors and now dogs have created no fear with her. The neighbors Lab came out to check out Val several weeks ago when we were out riding, but he's use to horses since the neighbor some and didn't pay a lot of attention. Val watched him a little, but had no other reaction to it. She also is doing better about tractors now which had been something she disliked earlier. Someone came by on an electric golf cart one day and she didn't care for it. Didn't spook over it, but was obviously a little nervous or concerned. I think it was the lack of noise from something coming down the road :). Everyone here is doing well. Dad is having my oldest boy remove the PC and set his sterio up for him. He said he doesn't use the computer anymore and would rather have his sterio and the 300 CD player. Hope George is doing well and everyone there is holding up ok.

Michael and the family

PS: I'll see about sending you a picture of my 7 year old granddaughter on Val.


Subject: Pictures
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011
Grabbed a couple of pictures with my cell phone today. Quality isn't the best, but it was a good moment. They had their feet trimmed today and it was a warm sunny day. When Kit (Kyiana) had finished have her pedicure she felt the urge to play in the pond. After Val (Vashti) was done she didn't feel Kit should have all the fun, so she joined her.

I'm on vacation for the rest of the year, so more time working with the horses. Sending in measurements tomorrow to see about having a saddle made for Vashti.

Dad is doing well. He wants us to have Thanksgiving with him at the Veteran's House, so that's where we'll be. He seems to get tired after being out and about for long. Took him to church Sunday, because he wanted to visit his old Sunday school class. Was going to take him out to see the horses afterwards, but he didn't feel up to it at the time. He can't really see the pictures very well, because he needs new glasses. It will be two more weeks before his eye appointment, but he'll feel better with new glasses. He hasn't set up a new email address, because of his difficulty trying to read. In about 3 weeks he should be up and emailing again.
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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