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Sent: Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Subject: pictures of Wynona from Mouse in WA

Hi Fredericka and Robin
Here's some recent pics of Nona.  On this day I was working her on driving lines as you can see she is doing very well.  The picture of me and two horses is Nona and my other horse Rye.  
Karen ("aka" Mouse!)



Sent: Sunday, March 22, 2009
Subject: HI MOMMY!!!! From WYNONA

Hi Mommy!!!!

I'm so sorry it's been awhile since I last wrote you, but so much has happened.  I'm learning words and what they mean!  I know "stand" "whoa" "wait" "give" "NO" "Good Girl" and "come" new mommy has been teaching me and it's FUN!  I try really hard to please her and sometimes it takes me a day to think about it and then I get it!  

My new mommy is very patient with me and gives me lots of love.  She tried to feed me carrots and apples as a "treat", but I don't like them at all...she even tried to sneak some in a wonderful bran mash with molasses, oats, and barley, but I'm WAY to smart for that, I just ate everything else and left those nasty carrots and apples and then pooped in the container so she would get the message.  Thankfully she learns fast too, cause she never tried that again.  Finally she found some molasses cookies with oats in them, oh my gosh, they're really good, I like those.

A couple of weeks ago, she bought me a waterproof sheet to go over my back.  When she first tried to put it on me I got really scared.  I didn't know WHAT the HECK that was!  It took me about 20 minutes to figure it out but I finally let her put it on me.  At first it felt really weird..all those dangly things and the straps that go around my back legs...well it was really hard for me to get used to it, but like I said, my new mommy is very patient and didn't rush me at all and let me take my time to realize it wasn't going to hurt me.  Eventually I got used to it and now I love it.  I don't get wet or dirty!  I can still run, play and roll with it and it's great!

I'm attaching a couple of new pictures that my new mommy's niece took of me.. I think I look very beautiful...don't you?  I love you and I'm having lots of fun.





From: mouse
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2009
Subject: Hi Mommy Fredericka!
I thought I'd write to let you know that I'm doing fine way out here in Washington.   When I first got here they had lots of snow and I got to play in it and roll in it and it was fun! My new family took lots of pictures of me and then a whole bunch of people came over to look at me and they ALL said I was the most beautiful horse they've ever seen.  Of course I know that's true but I don't worry, I didn't let it all go to my head.  I accepted their praise with humility and let them pet me.  They kept talking about something called dressage, I don't know anything about that but I guess I'm supposed to be good at it.  How can you be good at something you've never done?  Hmmm  My new barn mate Rye got a little jealous of  me but we've worked that out.  He's ok for a gelding.  He likes to play and run too and we have a great time when we're outside.
A couple of days ago my new mommy Karen brought me and my new barn mate Rye into the barn and we had to stay in for 3 days.  For that whole three days it rained like CRAZY!!! Why, I've never seen so much rain in my LIFE!  I heard my new mommy say that we got over 12 inches of rain over 2 days alone.  Everything was flooded and my mommy and new daddy couldn't leave our property because all the roads were under water.  But my stall and the barn was nice and dry and warm.  My new mommy did a fine job making sure I was comfortable.  She even learned where I like to lay down in the stall and now she give's me extra shavings so my bed is quite cushy!  I'll have her trained in no time!  She seems to be a fast learner in what I like.
Today was the first day we were able to get out and play, and well it was such a relief.  Don't worry though, even when I was stalled up for those three days, I really behaved myself and was good.  It was hard though, the new sounds of the rain hitting the roof for that whole time and then the winds were blowing pretty hard, I found all of that some what scary.  My barn mate told me not to worry that my new mommy would make sure we would be safe and she did.  But OH, when she let me out this morning, I ran as hard as I could and bucked and reared and then rolled to scratch my back, it was wonderful!  Then she brought me my breakfast and I got to eat outside! 
My pasture is no where as big as what I'm used to, but surprisingly there's enough room for me to get a good run going before I get to a fence and then have to change direction.  All in all it's a pretty nice place when it doesn't rain so much.  I hope to never see that much rain again, and my new mommy hopes so too!
Well I better get back to the barn, wouldn't want to make my new mommy and daddy upset if they discover I'm using their computer without their permission.  Boy it's hard to type the keys with my big feet!  Please give Robin and Bob hugs and kisses from me, I'm fine and as soon as I figure out what all this dressage talk is about I'll let you know.
Bye for now
Princess Wynona

Sent: Friday, December 19, 2008

Subject: More Wynona Pics


Hi Fredericka

Here are a few more pictures...she's being so wonderful.  She came up to me this afternoon with no encouragement and I cried!  She let me pet her, kiss her and rub her neck.. she seems to enjoy the attention.  I've been working from home so I'm able to see her right outside the window.  I have to say that I spend more time looking at her than looking at my work.  I just want to make sure she's still here! 


When I gave her lunch, she followed me into the barn, and followed me back out. She wasn't pushy at all, just wanting to see what was going on.  She is SO WONDERFUL.  Her temperament from what I can see is that new things don't faze her at all.  She just stands there and checks it out, decides it's nothing and goes back to her favorite pastime....eating!


Enjoy the pics,

Sent: Friday, December 19, 2008

Subject: Re: Wynona Arrival!

She got here yesterday around noon our time.  She looked GREAT!  She seems to be settling in, walked into her stall, met my guy, and last night she layed down in her stall and is drinking lots of water and is eating with gusto!  I've attached some pictures for you to enjoy!


Thank you again, so much!  She is truly the best Christmas present I've ever gotten! 



Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Subject: Wynona update (on her way across country)


Hi Fredericka 

Well tomorrow mornings the big day for us....talked to Mitch, he was going to try to make it tonight but we've been hit with a fairly nasty snow storm and he's not too sure of the roads. So he's gonna wait it out until daylight tomorrow.  Of course we are so excited.  He did mention that of all the horses he's transported very few maintain their weight and eat and drink as well as Wynona did.  Additionally she has been very good in the trailer...she's such a good girl!


I feel like I'm 10 years old the night before Christmas!  The anticipation and knowing the long almost 2 month wait will be OVER is amazing for both of us.  What's really neat is that we have about 6 inches of snow, so her arrival pictures should be beautiful!  I really can't wait. 


Thanks again



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