Flying W Farms Prince Willowhawk


Friesian / Appaloosa gelding Foaled June 2002

 Sire: Koning-Friesian
Dam: FWF Willow, a few spot leopard Appaloosa.







Sent: Monday, January 12, 2009
Subject: Re: Hello again

Hi, Fredericka!
Here are some photos of Flying W Farms Prince Willowhawk
Sire is Koning (Friesian) dam is  Willow (few spot appaloosa mare)

Hawk is just about 17 hands.  We were competing locally at training level in 2007 and he was always placing first or second in his tests.  I  having been doing a lot of natural horsemanship training with him in the past  year and as of Thanksgiving 2008 I rode him in a clinic using two training sticks and a neck rope.  He did an awesome job of responding to my body  and the training sticks.  It was so much fun!  He is so kind and willing.
Just an amazing horse!
 I'm attaching a few more pictures from our last show.  It will be great to see him on your site.  I'll tell all my friends to head to Flying W Farms site to check him out - and maybe buy their OWN beautiful warmblood while they're there!
 God bless you!


From: "Barbara "
Sent: Friday, January 09, 2009
Subject: Hello again

 Fredericka and Robin -
 Flying W Farms Prince Willow Hawk will turn 7 years old this June.  He's such a wonderful horse and truly is my soul mate. After looking at your website this morning, I can see you are still breeding some beautiful horses.  Keep up the good work.
 Take care.


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