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Friesian Sporthorse Champion was 2019 as well as the St. Louis Area Dressage High Point.

Hi Fredericka,

This is Jennie Boschert. I bought my beautiful Friesian/Percheron Cross from you 12 years ago when she was just a yearling. We had a slow start, but as you can see, we went to her first out of town show last weekend at Lamplight in Chicago! She handled herself so beautifully. She had never been away from home before, she was pretty sheltered. She even managed a second and third place ribbon. Were looking forward to many more, as she really seems to enjoy it!!! Its a big new world out there. ??.

We may still try to qualify for Regionals this year in Lexington, Ky.

Thank you for this sweet sweet beautiful mare. She is a Love of my life!!




Sent: Thursday, January 07, 2010
Subject: Velvet
My story:
I decided, after a near fatal Brain Aneurysm, that, in fact, I am not too old to own and ride a horse again.  They are my passion.  Although, this time, as my last horse was not particularly kind, I decided to pray and trust God to send me a horse.  So, I started out looking at breed books to find a kind horse with a good temperament.  I always loved a flashy horse, but thought, this time, the disposition is of the utmost importance, which led me to the Friesian/Draft Cross and Flying W Farms in Ohio.  I fell in love with the look of Flying W's horses and I knew that Friesian's have kind, willing and sweet dispositions. So, I finally booked my flight to Ohio to meet my horse.  Of course I really didn't know who the individual would be. I thought, well, I'll walk through the stalls again, well I did, and there she was, peering out at me, all black with a little white star and a hugely kind, loving eye.  She looked at me, as if to say "What about me?"  Well, that was it!  Robin asked if I would like to see her and of course my answer was yes.  She was only a yearling!  I had planned when I started my search to buy a fully trained 7 or 8 year old.  Well, she was definitely the one and I have never looked back or been sorry.  I've, even recently had an opportunity to buy a full Friesian who I have ridden and like very much, but cannot have two horses and cannot and will not give up Velvet!
I brought her home and spent every day with her (I board her) to establish a good bond.  Well, we are more trusting of each other, I found out, than any horse I've had.  I moved her to a nicer stable after about 7 months.  The trainer was leading her and trying to get her to enter the stable.  She balked, so I got up by her and she walked right in.  The same happened when we got to her stall. 
The biggest part of my new relationship with my gorgeous Velvet, is the emotional bond.  You see, after having brain surgery for an aneurysm that I am very fortunate to be alive from, I have to say that the toughest part of the whole healing process was the emotional part.  I felt so very alone, because everyone around me, not understanding at all, wouldn't trust me with staying home alone, etc. etc. etc.  It was as though I was inside my body trying to get out and saying "Really, really, I am Jennie"  "I am still the same person I always was"  "I am fine"  "I am not handicapped or thinking funny".  They were like "Well, now Jennie, it's ok etc. etc."  They were very condescending and it was so very very very lonely for me.  I feel the only way I did not become depressed as time went on, was first of all God, and then Him leading me to my beautiful, priceless "Velvet Illusion".  She was an Illusion for some time, but she came when I was physically able, but still in great need of her understanding.  And understand, I believe she did and does.  She always trusts me and believes me and has given me so much newfound strength in my life.  She does have a bit of a little sparkle in her eye of mischief as she just turned 4 years old.  She does seem to have to test me as to where the lines are now that we are riding, but I really wouldn't have it any other way, because she has spirit.  She is finding herself in testing her boundaries as I am finding myself in my newfound love of life and of her.  She is above all, always kind and her sweet eye gives that away, even when she is being an "adolescent"! 
She is a God  send for me and she has also taught me to live one day at a time and the most important thing in this life is love and that, she shows unconditionally.  She loves everyone, she is so kind, but it is a special bond that we alone share. 
  Jennie and Velvet

Sent: Monday, November 16, 2009

Subject: FWF Baroness Von Velvet Illusion

Hi Fredericka,  I was just looking at your web site and noticed that you don't have any pictures of "Velvet Illusion".  I still need to try and get some better pictures, but I wanted to send you a few.  She is the love of my life and is doing beautifully.  She has been under saddle for about year now, and I am so enjoying riding her.  She is still quite green, but she is so agreeable.  She is definitely a looker!!!  Everyone loves her and appropriately, calls her a "Princess" and she knows she is.  She is pretty special!!  She is only 4 years old now and is about 17 hands!  She loves everyone and gets quite a lot of attention.  It is so funny to see my short trainer endearingly call Velvet "Munchkin". I don't know if I'll show her or just enjoy trail riding her, but we are teaching her with dressage, so we'll see.  She is usually quick to catch on.  Thank you so much Fredericka, as I previously told you, she is my angel.  She's gotten me through a lot, since my brain aneurysm.  She is all heart!! I don't know what I would do without her and I never want to know.


You do have my permission to put her on your web  site.  I only hope I'll have an opportunity to get some better pictures soon.

Sincerely, Jennie


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