Flying W Farms Baron Von Star Kingdom IGGHR #218


Sire: Baron-Friesian

Dam: FWF Crusader's Four Star Lady IGGHR#107

Dam's sire FWF Crusader-Black and white tobiano-Saddlebred

Dam's dam: Bloomfield Heather-Clydesdale-bay

On 2/6/2020 3:48 PM, JANET L wrote:
Oh my!  It's been almost 10 years since I last said hello.  I cannot believe that Nemo is 18 this year; I've had him since he was 5.  He is such a remarkable, lovable, stunningly beautiful animal.  Its taken us - mainly me - time and effort to learn dressage.  

We steadily forged onward, showing only two or three times a season. In October, we achieved our final 3rd level score (taking first place as well!) and we earned our USDF Bronze medal!  

I am so blessed with this horse who has always said "I'll try for you".  

Thank you for my Nemo.


Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2010
Subject: Riding with Steffen and Shannon Peters --- we've not yet touched ground!
Hello Fredericka!

I haven't updated you in some time on Nemo.(aka Flying W Farms Baron Von Star Kingdom)  We've been busy!  This summer, I submitted an application, along with many others, to be one of the demonstration teams at the New England Dressage Association symposium with Steffen and Shannon Peters the last weekend of October... and Nemo and I were chosen! What a thrill and an honor.  Steffen was all smiles after his two bronze medals at the World Equestrian Games just a few weeks ago.  He and Shannon are truly an unbeatable team, and the energy and respect between them was simply incredible.

I am so PROUD of my Nemo, who took the hundreds of people, the flashes, the applause, and the PA system all in stride as if he'd done it hundreds of times.  And in awe of Shannon's direct, kind and insightful instruction, which gave me and Nemo much to work on.  What an experience! 

I'd like to share a few photos that capture some of the magic of the day, thanks to my sister's videography!

Happy trails ~




The Peters, opening the symposium, with Nemo and me in the background. Also, Shannon Peters, discussing "stirrup weight" yes, this got TECHNICAL and Ms. Peters was superb!



Nemo warming up at the trot and Shannon discussing position and movement with the audience.
Nemo at the canter, and trotting past the arena door.

... such a beautiful day!

The conclusion of our ride. 

Shannon Peters waved us over

 and stroked Nemo,

 commenting on what

 a nice horse Nemo is :-)



Sent: August, 2010
I just adore my boy.  He calls to me when I arrive at the boarding facility, and runs to the gate to meet me.  He is such a willing partner.  If he was a man, I'd marry him!

Best wishes, Janet


      Jane Savoie clinic-May 2009    



Jane Savoie Clinic


Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009



Hello there Fredericka,

Well, BARON VON STAR KINGDOM  AKA "Nemo" and I have been working hard at our partnership, and this weekend, we rode in a clinic with Jane Savoie!  We learned alot and I'm thrilled to have had the experience. 

Thought you would like to see how he is progressing.  I just love this boy!


Janet & Nemo (Star Kingdom)



Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2008
Subject: Baron Von Star Kingdom
Just over a year ago, I bought Von Star from his original owner in Vermont. I lost my 24 year old in February of 2007 and couldn't get myself beyond the grief to find another horse.  A close friend had seen him advertised and insisted that I make the 3 hour drive to go see him.   When I first met him, he was huge -  really 16.2 -  To be sure, his owner loved him very much and he certainly was never abused.   I tried him on a trail ride - as a 5 year old, he was virtually untrained and very gawky and uncoordinated.  Still, I was taken by his kindness and willingness to try for me.  So in one of the most spontaneous moves I've ! ev! er made in my life, I drove back up with a borrowed trailer a few days later, had him vetted, and brought him home that same day. 
In this last year, my boy - affectionately known as Nemo  - has filled out, muscled up, and gained confidence.  He's becoming the dressage partner of my dreams.  I just love this horse.  Now that he's showing what I thought I saw glimmers of a year ago, he is a sight to see!  Starting lateral work, cantering with ever more balance, and trying so hard that he will occasionally do piaffe or passage steps while he's trying to figure out what I'm asking.  He is simply stunning. 
Lately, I laughingly say I need a lock on his stall, so many people want him.  Just yesterday yet another person asked me where I got him, and I told them about your farm. 
He particularly likes children, and every child in the neighborhood who visits the barn where he's boarded wants to visit Nemo.  He's the favorite.  In fact, recently one boarder brought her autistic nephew to the barn to see the horses.  He was unreactive until he met Nemo.  The child was enchanted with him, as he followed the boy up and down the fence and lowered his head so that the boy could touch and pet him.  And, the little boy started talking!  Asking questions about Nemo, and saying how much he liked him.  The family was in heaven.  Nemo has that presence about him. 
Although I did not purchase him from you, I wanted to write and thank you for my boy.  He is a treasure and I hope that we will have many happy, healthy years together.  I've attached a couple of  recent pictures for you. 
Again, thank you for creating my incredible boy. 
Janet L.


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