Flying W Farms Prince Shiraz  IGGHR #310

Also FWF Baron von Bordeaux & FWF Baron von Syrah (see below)

Foaled 2004

Sire:Koning-Friesian X Dam: FWF Electra-Saddlebred




 Mom is riding the  Georgian Grande Flying W Farms Prince Shiraz. The little girl is on a pony.

From: Cindy
Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Subject: Prince Shiraz

I thought you would enjoy seeing some pictures of Prince Shiraz.  I just reluctantly sold him but he will still be boarded here and continue his training with me.  I still have Baron von Beajolais and Baron von Bordeaux.
 Unfortunately I think he, Bordeaux, is having some problems with that left hind fetlock that he injured years ago.  Did your vet take Xrays??  As soon as I have some extra cash I'm going to get rads of that ankle.  Hopefully if there is a chip or something it can be fixed.
 I hope all is well
God Bless,

 FWF Baron von Bordeaux & FWF Baron von Syrah


Another photo  of FWF Baron von Bordeaux (black), Baron von Syrah (black w/blaze),

Prince Shiraz (bay)  interacting with my daughter Kyley.


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