Baroness Von Midnight


Sired by Baron and out of  AQHA mare Midnight Headliner







Sent: Sunday, February 08, 2009

Subject: FWF Baroness Von Midnight
Hi Fredericka,
I just visited your website (which I do frequently) and saw the alphabetical listing. I would love for you to include my precious Middie. She is now 6 yrs old and was sired by Baron and AQHA Midnight Headliner. I haven't seen any more Friesian/QH crosses on the FWF site but that's really a shame. Middie is beautiful, talented, sweet and oh-so-smart!
Middie went briefly to a renowned dressage rider/trainer who pronounced her "the sanest horse in the barn". Her suspension at the trot is truly breath-taking. She does flying lead changes on her own as well as wide, swift side-passes. The dressage trainer said she would easily excel at Grand Prix level.
Thank you for this beauty. She is much loved.
Sincerely, Vicki


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