Flying W Farms Prince Bonaire IGGHR #273

Georgian Grande

Sire: Koning-Friesian

Dam: FWF Cauvery-Saddlebred

by Trophy-Percheron and French Coquette-Saddlbred

Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2009

Subject: FWF Prince Bonaire



I thought you might enjoy these pictures of Bonaire and I.  It gives perspective to how big he is!  He is such a good boy.  I so enjoy him.  He is smart, smart, smart!  About a month ago, I was turning him out and he stepped over the top of the gate (those long legs!).  In any event, the gate got wedged in front of his hind leg.  As the gate only swings one way, this was a recipe for a huge disaster.  I was so scared I thought I was going to be ill.  But I just said whoa, gave him the hand signal (I taught him some so that I could keep him from walking over the top of me) to back up and he stopped and backed up until I could swing the gate free.   He didn’t even know he was in trouble.   See!  Very smart!

You will notice in the first picture that he has his nose in my pocket!  This is a constant state of being for him.  He wants to be in the middle of everything.  He will even leave his feed if someone goes in the barn.  He’s probably just nosey.  Ha!  The vet was out the other evening for one of the other horses and we had to lock Bonaire up because he was positive he could help out.  Needless to say, he is everyone’s darling.

Hope this finds you and yours well.


I thought you might like an update on Bonaire.  He continues to be incredible!  I was riding him on Friday and my trainer came up to me after and said, "I never go out on a limb about a horse Terrie, but this horse is going to be a great horse."  But then, you and I knew that all along!  He will make his show ring debut this spring (under the Flying W Farms name of course!).  Rick is going to do some cross country on him over the winter to give him something else to do.  Bonaire loves to run fast.  You just lean forward and close your leg and it's like flying!  I have some terrific pictures (if you don't count my nerdy helmet!).  I'll have to send them.  He is so grown up.

Tell Robin hello and I hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful holiday season!

Terrie Hargrove

Sent: Monday, June 25, 2007

Subject: Bonaire's saga


I wasn't even looking for a new horse when I saw your ad in the back of Dressage Today.  I grew up showing American Saddlebreds and have always loved Friesians, so was interested in the Georgian Grande.  I checked out your website and FELL IN LOVE!  After talking with you and viewing the video of some of your sale horses, I was hooked!  I called my mom and asked her if she wanted to go to Ohio and see your horses.  She could hardly wait to leave.  My husband was hoping I would come home without another mouth to feed.  Silly boy!

We arrived at your farm and stopped close to the entrance and a group of yearlings came barreling over the hill.  We were so thrilled.  They were all lovely and the farm was beautiful.  Mom even hopped out to take a picture .


We had such a wonderful time looking at yearlings.  I didn't see a single one that I wouldn't have been proud to have in my barn.  Robin took us up into the pasture with Koning and his mares.  Oh my gosh!  I wish you could have seen the joy on mom's face when Koning stuck his head in the window of the truck to visit with her!  The first time mom ever saw a Friesian (they did a dressage demo at the Arabian Nationals one year), she said if she ever won the lottery she was going to buy one for me whether I wanted it or not!

As we were visiting Koning and his band, I noticed one of the foals lying next to the fence and told Robin I was concerned it was going to get up on the wrong side.  Sure enough the foal popped up, in the next pasture!  Robin and I joined forces and were able to herd the little one down the fence line and through the gate before there was a disaster.  There were so many truly outstanding mares and babies.  I tell everyone I've never seen so many terrific horses in one place!

After talking with Robin and telling her what I was looking for, Flying W Farms Prince Bonaire (Koning and FWF Cauvery) was the first yearling I looked at (Robin said you would kill her for showing him to me as y'all had just brought him up from pasture and not in "show" shape) He was such a darling and mom immediately fell in love with him.  Although we looked at many well groomed yearlings, I kept going back to scruffy Bonaire.  Narrowing the decision down to two possibilities, I sought your advice and you said to take Bonaire (boy were you ever right!). 


On the drive back to Columbus, I called Jim and told him I had bought the most wonderful yearling.  Needless to say, he was a bit skeptical when he saw the pictures (my brother thought I was nuts).  I tried to explain that he was a diamond in the rough and he had awesome gaits.  I have to say though, that even I was surprised when he came off the van in San Antonio.  My little duckling had turned into a   swan!


Bonaire came through like a champ and began to grow, and grow and grow!  I remember when he hit 17.1 as a two year old I wrote and told you I was going to put a book on his head! ( I can ride him easily though I am only 5"3'.)


Not long into his two year old year, I started ground work with him.  He was a charm!  Never put up a fuss about anything and willingly accepted both the bridle and saddle without a hitch.


He continued to grow (yikes!) and was 17.2 as a three year old when I started riding him.  Although I wanted to be the first one to ride him, my schedule did not allow for the consistency necessary to ensure it was a good experience for him.  I looked long and hard to find just the right person to start riding him and was lucky to discover Rick Urban.  He has a reputation for developing self confidence and courage in the youngsters and everything I heard proved to be true.  He and Bonaire took to each other immediately and are still great friends.  Rick knew I wanted a grand prix prospect and after working with Bonaire, told me he thought I had made the right choice!  This is huge as Rick is ultra conservative when evaluating young horses.  But it certainly reaffirmed what you and I have believed all along.


I was so excited when I finally got to get on Bonaire myself!

By the time he was three, he was beginning to understand how to carry himself and come through, stepping up to my hand.  He is so amazing!

He is at home now and thinks life is all about him!  He still takes his daily swim in the water troughs (it's a little hard on them and I've changed all of them to the big rubber ones as he kept knocking holes in the bottom) and stretches out in the sun for his naps.  He knows he is the neighborhood darling and immediately goes up to anyone to see if they will give him treats.  It's impossible to tell him no.  He wuffles me all over looking for treats whenever I get close.  He is very careful not to knock me down (which at 17.3 and 1600 lbs would not be a problem).

I am so enjoying riding him.  He is very in front of my leg and continues to develop "schwung".  He is rhythmic and forward which is an absolute joy as so many really big horses can get stuck to the ground.  I got on him yesterday after two weeks of no riding due to rain and he was supple, forward and through.  I so love this horse.

I'll keep you updated on his progress.  I plan to start showing him in the spring.

Take care and tell Robin hello.


Sent: Friday, June 08, 2007 3:30 PM

Subject: Bonaire update


Hi Fredericka,

Hope this finds all of your family and the horses happy and healthy.    I have to tell you, I loved Bonaire before I started riding him, and now I'm obsessed.  He has the most wonderful gaits in the world.  I could ride his big, beautiful bounding canter all day.  When I'm stressed out at work, I take a few minutes to go to my "happy place" and visualize myself on Bonaire doing canter pirouettes, half passes and one tempi's (silly me).  He is doing so well.  I will start showing him next spring and I actually think I will bring him out first level as he is very through (it comes so naturally for him) and rhythmic.  He is such a happy boy, but I've spoiled him horribly.  He knows I usually have treats and immediately begins wuffling me all over until he gets one (which is sometimes hazardous as he is 17.3 and about 1600 lbs).  He is usually very careful not to knock me down though.

He is still up to his old trick and believes a water trough is an open invitation for his version of a swim.  Which means all four feet in and splashing away until it is empty.  I've had to change all of them out to big rubber ones as he kept knocking holes in the galvanized ones.  He gets totally drenched then steps out and wanders off.

Take care and tell Robin hi for mom and me.   Also, I love the new look to your website and how cool is it that one of your horses was on Lost!!!



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