FWF Horse of the Year Requirements for Award Eligibility

Flying W Farms Horse of the Year awards and Hi Point Horse of the Show awards eligibility:

1. Horse MUST be bred by Flying W Farms and shown under the prefix "Flying W Farms," or "Flying W" at all competitions.

2. Send your scores via email to or via mail to Flying W Farms, Inc: Post Office Box 845 Piketon,Ohio 45661

3. The award year runs from Dec. 1 thru Nov. 30 of each year.

4. Horses are NOT eligible to win at a level lower than the highest level that they have been previously awarded Horse of the Year. This rule gives more horses the opportunity to win these cherished awards and encourages those who show to keep moving up the levels.

5. Each horse is eligible to win ONLY ONE Horse of the Year award per year.

6. When submitting your scores, be sure to include name of owner/rider/trainer; the owner's current name, address and phone number; Be sure the form states the year and dates of the competitions.


George "Bob" Wagner Jr. & Fredericka Wagner
PO  Box 845  /  Piketon  /  Ohio  45661
phone: 740-493-2401 (Fredericka's land line) or Robin's cell: 740-935-5435
Fax: 740-493-0072

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