Flying W Farms Tosca IGGHR #124

 Sire: Firedance-Saddlebred X Dam:Tina Marie-Percheron



Hi Fredericka,
Well as I told you in our telephone conversation, you're horse Tosca earned me my USDF Bronze medal last Friday. Our accomplishment is even more impressive considering that I broke my back almost two years ago. That of course is a different story. It does however play into the events that took place at the horse show. I had petitioned the USEF for a dispensation so that I could post to both the medium and extended trot. My request for a dispensation was denied. It took the USEF almost eight months to come to this disappointing decision. With this news I was forced to try to find a way to continue to compete.  I then contacted the USDF to find out whether or not I would be disqualified if I did post to the trot movements. The USDF was very helpful and quoted the rules from the directives. Unfortunately I was to discover at the show that this directive is subject to interpretation by the judge. One judge said she would allow me to post but the other judge blew the whistle and made me re-do the movement. Both judges deducted two points from my overall score.At the end of the day I earned a 61.5 on my Third Level Test 2 and a 59.5 on my Third Level Test 3. They were respectively BLM and GAIG classes. The scores are both qualifying scores but the 61.5 score was the final score at Third Level that I needed to earn my USDF Bronze Medal. I plan to go to Orlando to the awards banquet to receive
my medal in person. Tosca has been the horse of a lifetime for me. I can not imagine my life as a rider without her. I will keep you posted regarding our future shows.


Her lovely rider owner is Valarie Glantschnig;
 TOSCA IS FLYING W FARMS HORSE OF THE YEAR 2003 in Dressage. (First Level)

 She also won IGGHR HORSE OF THE YEAR 2004 in Dressage. (Second Level)


This beautiful moving mare won additional year end awards from

ESDCTA for Dressage 2003 & 2004  Tosca is competing Third Level Dressage for 2005


May 2004 Update!
Hi Fredericka

Tosca and I had our first dressage show this season. I needed one more score of 60% or higher to get my ESDCTA bronze medal and one additional score of 60% or higher towards my USDF bronze medal.With these goals in mind I entered the BFK North Spring Dressage show. Both Nancy and Amy were to show at this particular show so Tosca and I were to be completely on our own. She won the Training Level 4 test with a score of 69.615%.This was an Open/GAIG class.
 We had to compete against professionals and there were thirteen people riding in the class.
Not only did she win but she was Champion with the highest score awarded in the division that day.
Our next class was First Level Test 2. It was a different judge and the class was not as big but she won again with a score of 62.941%. Our next show is on June 20th at Bucks County Horse Park. We will be doing First Level Test 3 and Second Level Test 1. I'll let you know how we do. Both of these shows are USDF recognized shows so you can follow our show results on their web site. All the best- Valerie
Tosca's total  scores for 2004 earned the FWF  year end award for Dressage, Second level, 2004;
Congratulations to Valarie and Tosca; We wish them the best as they compete in Third Level 2005 season.

*See letter from Valarie summation of her 2004 show season, we received in September, middle of this page scroll down.





Sent: Monday, September 13, 2004

Subject: Show Update

Hi Fredericka, 

Tosca and I have shown five times this Summer at Second Level. She has had a qualifying score of 60% or higher four of those five times. The one time she didn't was "pilot error". I got the tests mixed up in my head and went off course twice. All of the shows were USDF and or USEF recognized. Three of the four classes she won. All of the Tests were Second Level Test 1 and 2. Next year we plan to do the more difficult Second Level Tests 3 and 4. If we do well with those I would like to qualify for the GAIG/BLM Championships. It is an ambitious goal but she is a worker bee.


She has earned me my ESDCTA Bronze Medal . She has also earned a Merit of Honor at Second Level for her scores of 60% and higher. It was a big jump for us but she has met the challenge. You should be able to see her scores on the USDF website. We just got the last two scores on Saturday at the Bucks County Horse Park. She won both of her classes.  




Dear Fredericka;

Tosca has turned into a super dressage horse!  We are training with Nancy Polozker;
Nancy is top ten in the nation in Musical Freestyle; She is a great trainer and SHE LOVES TOSCA!  Valarie

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