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Gypsy Vanner Stallion

King at 3 years old.
King at 2 years old.

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"King of the Forrest Gypsies"
Purebred Gypsy Vanner Stallion #GVO2641
also registered with Gypsy Horse Ass'n #GHA00817

King was bred and foaled in Holland May 25, 2011; (click here for pedigree ). His sire is Multiple Grand Champion stallion FORREST (owner Andrea Oosterhuis, Holland). While still in Holland King went to his Kuering where he was awarded FIRST PREMIE, and overall GRAND CHAMPION. Flying W Farms, Inc. purchased King and imported him to Ohio in 2012.
King is a ideal Gypsy Vanner stallion. He is sturdy,yet elegant; plenty of clean strong bone, yet refined. His feathers are long, silky, very fine but very thick; He has "bell feathers" from knees and hocks to the ground covering his hooves completely. He has a lovely flowing mane, and very full thick tail that sweeps the ground. King's head is especially nice, with flat broad forehead, huge wide set eyes, and small muzzle. He has a short strong back and powerful hindquarters.

King is also an excellent mover. He moves with hocks well up under himself giving him terrific impulsion from behind.. He is built uphill and moves that way having suspension and incredible extension at the trot. Whether driving, dressage, or just pleasure riding, good movement should be a priority in any horse. King is "all Gypsy" with the typical sweet family friendly disposition the Gypsy horses are famous for. But King also has the attributes needed to be a fine riding horse; At this time King is three years old and Classic Vanner size, 14.3. He is still growing and we estimate his final mature height will be well over 15 hands.

King was a yearling when we imported him in 2012; We bred him to a few mares in 2013; His first foals were born 2014 and we will soon be posting their photos on our site. We are absolutely delighted with Kings foals! He stamps them all with his gorgeous looks, that beautiful head and neck, feathers, movement and flashy color. They all have King's sweet, gentle, disposition . King certainly is everything we wanted in a Gypsy Vanner stallion.
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