Flying W Farms Bred High Point of Show




The following award will be given at any and all shows in which

Flying W Farms bred horses are entered.


Flying W Farms Bred High Point Horse of Show


This award is available for presentation at any and all shows where horses bred by Flying W Farms are competing. In order to be eligible for this award, the horse must compete with the Flying W Farms prefix in front of its name.

The horse owner is responsible for contacting the show secretary to request permission to have this special award presented at their show. If permission is granted, then the owner must email Flying W Farms at with name of the show, dates, and the secretary's name and address, phone number. Be certain you give Flying W Farms at least ten days notice in order for the award to reach the show in time.

An award presentation speech along with a beautiful 28"streamer, gold trimmed ribbon complete with tassels will be sent to the show secretary upon request.

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