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(Tia) Flying W Farms Trophys Tiara

If you have a FWF bred horse and you feel your horse has qualified for the "Heart of a Champion" award for distinguished service and selflessness, send us your story and photos.

A panel will consider all entries. More than one horse may be awarded per year.

* Note from Fredericka. When you view this photo look closely at the horse's eye, you can         actually see the sympathy in her eyes! What a kind gentle animal!  Bless your heart,Tia!

Flying W Farms  "Heart of a Champion"
Distinguished Service Award awarded to "TIA"

Flying W Farms Trophys Tiara

Owner / Trainer / Rider  Jenna Hill



 Sarah (who owns Tia's sister, Tashi) works at a facility for the mentally handicapped and brought 4 of the residents to see our graduation from volunteer mounted posse training on Sunday.  Tia was such an angel as they all crowded around her to pet her.I stood her at the gate so the man in the wheelchair could get closer to her. Tia walked right up to him and laid her head in his lap!  What a moment!  Sarah and I and everyone standing around at the time just melted!

Here's part of a letter I received from Sarah today:


Jenna, I want to thank you for letting Rusty, Nikki, Stevie and Ricky pet Tia.  You don't understand how much that meant to them.  It definitely puts things into perspective in your own life when you see the hardships and obstacles that these people have to endure everyday.  Something so small as going for a car ride to pet a horse  is so much larger than life for them.  Ricky (the gentleman in the chair) normally has a horrible memory, he pretty much remembers nothing short term.  Yesterday he asked me when he could go see the horses again and I almost fell over, so did the staff and managers!  THANK YOU SO MUCH JENNA ! 


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