2015 Horse of the Year Award Winners

Grand Champion
& Versatility

FWF Princess Aires Above the Ground

Owner/Rider/Driver: Todd B Firm (age 19!)
11 World Championship ribbons & trophies
& 1 Reserve Championship in
12 different divisions!

Grand Champion
Open Shows

FWF Baroness Von Isabella's Dream

Owner: Ginny Belcher

Musical Freestyle
Dressage Champion

Adequan/USDF Finals 2015
Second Level
Rank: 1 Median 82.167

FWF Princess Juliana

Rider: Jonni Allen

Prix St Georges
Dressage Champion

FWF Prince Comanche's Fire

Owner/Rider: Sandy Pearce

Silver Stirrup Award

FWF Prince Koda

Owner: Virginia Perkins
Trainer/Rider: Anne Reid

Third Level
Dressage Champion

FWF Baron Von Lionheart


Third Level
Dressage Champion

FWF Prince Sultani

Owner/Rider: Barb Wydevan

Second Level
Dressage Champion

Winner of 5
Dover Merit Awards

FWF Prince Prefontaine

Owner/Rider: Meredith Searcy

Second Level
Dressage Champion
(Region 3)

FWF Princess Von Miramar

Owner/Rider: Melanie Stage
Trainer: Brian MacMahon

First Level
Dressage Champion

FWF Baroness Von Fire Dutchess

Owner/Rider: Lara Symmons

First Level
Reserve Champion

FWF Baroness Von Truffle

Owner/Rider: Jessica Pontiakos

Training Level
Dressage Champion

FWF Prince Alexi

Owner/Rider: Eileen Childs

Dressage Champion

FWF Baron Von Siri

Owner/Rider: Karen Cahill
Trainer: Lisa Nobel


FWF Princess Limelight

Owner/Driver: Dr. Pat Riley


FWF Princess Shatka

Owner: Kevin McKinney
Rider/Trainer: Ellie Celarek

Equitation Dressage

FWF Fires of Fame

Owner/Rider: Kathleen Stanek

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