2009 Horse of the Year Award Winners 

and Top Ten Award Winners

Open Shows




 Recognized Shows Dressage


Flying W Farms Princess Anastasia

Horse of the Year 2009

Intro Dressage

 Owner: Megan Childs


Flying W Farms Baroness Von Bella

Horse of the Year 2009

Training Level Dressage

 Owner: Molly Takacs


Flying W Farms Baron Von Rossi

Reserve Horse of the Year 2009

Training Level Dressage

Owner: Gigi Pindar/Leonard Rossi


Flying W Farms Baron von Caprioli

Horse of the Year 2009

First Level Dressage

Owner: Mary Adams

Flying W Farms Princess Star on Fire

 Reserve Horse of the Year 2009

 First Level Dressage

Owner: Melinda Pesci


Flying W Farms Prince Sultani

Horse of the Year 2009

Second Level Dressage

Owner: Barb Pendleton


Flying W Farms Princess Chante du Joie

Horse of the Year 2009

Owner: Debbie Cervenka

Dressage Quadrille Freestyle


Flying W Farms Midnight Danser

Horse of the Year 2009

Training level Dressage

Junior Exhibitor

Owner: Linda Barefoot

Junior rider: Leah Munnell

No Photo

Flying W Farms Fire Ruby

Horse of the Year 2009

Dressage Adult Amateur

Owner: Pam Morrill

Dressage at Devon

Flying W Farms Prince Alexei

Horse of the Year 2009

Champion In Hand Breed Class

Owner: Eileen Childs

Top Ten Winners in Recognized Shows 2009

Flying W Farms Prince Koda

Top Ten Dressage

Intro Level

Owner: Virginia Perkins


Flying W Farms Prince Kodiak

Top Ten Dressage

 First Level

Owner: Natalie Pantone


Flying W Farms In Rythm

Top Ten Dressage 



No Photo

Flying W Farms Roc The Raven


Top Ten Dressage 


Owner:Deanna Daneshmend,

Ontario, Canada

Open Show Winners

Flying W Farms Danceadream

Driving HOY 2009

Owner: Gail Whalen-Riley



Flying W Farms Prince Alerion

Horse of the Year 2009

Cross Country

Owner, Trainer & Rider:  Elizabeth Hardt


Flying W Farms Princess Isabella's Dream

Horse of the Year 2009


Owner: Virginia Belcher


Flying W Farms Princess Sarah

Flying W Farms Horse of the Year 2009

Training Level Dressage

Owner: Carol Cassano


Tropical Splash

Flying W Farms Pony of the Year 2009

Owned & shown by Chelsea Belcher

Special Award

Flying W Farms Undercover "Sherman"

 "The Police Horse"

Heart of a Champion Award for 2009

Sherman & his Owner/Rider: Taya Workum-Byers


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