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Flying W Farms is 2000 acres in the beautiful hills of southeastern Ohio. Here we breed and raise the very finest in Gypsy Vanners, Gypsy Cobs, Gypsy Drum Horses, Friesian Georgian Grandes, and Friesian/Gypsy (Gypsian) Horses. We also raise a few purebred Friesians each year as well as Friesidales, Friesashires, and Priesians.

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Perhaps the most elegant of all, the FRIESIAN GEORGIAN GRANDE is a cross between our Friesian stallions and saddlebred mares. Always Grand Prix movers, they make excellent Dressage/CT and show ring jumpers! These are so gorgeous to look at, so elegant and refined, yet they have plenty of good clean, flat bone. The Georgian Grande  is extremely athletic, has impulsion, SUSPENSION and extension that will take your breath away!!!! You truly get the best of both worlds,  the best of the Friesian and the best of the saddlebred in a Georgian Grande!!  This cross has elegance and grace, but also plenty of heart and stamina; they are calm of mind but brave of heart and will never let you down!  

We bred FIREDANCE, our pinto saddlebred stallion to Percheron and Clydesdale mares. FIREDANCE is an all time favorite sire among our clients. Georgian Grandes can also be a three way blend; Friesian/saddlebred/draft. We raise these as well and they are very impressive, incredible movers as are all our Georgian Grandes. The demand for the Georgian Grande is very strong and grows more so each year. More and more people are falling in love with this breed!!!

Other Friesian crosses we raise are:

  • FRIESIDALES; By crossing our Friesian stallions with CLYDESDALE mares we get the big, elegant Friesidale. They are incredible movers and a favorite of all our clients. They excell at dressage, CT, jumping and eventing; Ideal for Renaissance also.
  • FRIESASHIRES; These are FRIESIAN  --SHIRE  crossbreds. Always big and nearly always BLACK. they are prized for their beauty and Grand Prix dressage movement. They make great jumpers and look like the horses King Arthur's knights rode! Friesashires excel in all disciplines! Much sought after by our clients.
  • PRIESIANS;  FRIESIAN bred to PERCHERON produces the incredible stunning  PRIESIAN horse. Priesians are big, black and bold,  mature to look  purebred Friesian and are very athletic. Priesians make wonderful dressage/Ct, jumpers and are very good at eventing as well. Much prized as Renaissance horses. Many of our clients would ride nothing else!

Our horses are known for their MOVEMENT, athletic ability, disposition, size, color and soundness, as well as their elegant good looks! They excel in DRESSAGE, COMBINED TRAINING, HUNTER/JUMPER, EVENTING, ETC.
We offer for sale foals of the current year (weanlings) yearlings and  two year olds.
Our prices are reasonable , so do not hesitate to call or email.


George "Bob" Wagner Jr. & Fredericka Wagner
PO  Box 845  /  Piketon  /  Ohio  45661
phone: 740-493-2401 (Fredericka's land line) or Robin's cell: 740-935-5435
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