In Memory





From: Matt & Rebecca

Sent: Saturday, April 04, 2009

Subject: RE: Our little Girl Ella


It was only 10 years ago when we traveled to your home from Vermont to pickup our little girl Ella (American Mastiff).  We immediately bonded with her and she was immediately part of the family.  This was before Rebecca and I had any children.  Since that point, we had two boys (both in grade school) and moved to the western suburbs of Chicago.  Life has been very good to all of us.  Late yesterday, however, we experienced a very sad event.  Our wonderful girl, Ella, passed away.  She lived 10 wonderful years and was loved by everyone.  We also felt she loved all of us who were so fond of her.  I wanted to let you know how enriching a life Ella provided all of us.  There is no replacing Ella as we think she was a one in a million.  I would, however, expect that we will be reaching out to you at some point to talk about another little girl. 

Best Regards,

Matt and Rebecca


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