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Sent: Monday, April 25, 2011

Subject: Flying W. Farms Princess Mercedes Fire

Dear Fredericka,

           Mercedes  is 7 now and doing very well! Everywhere I take her, she recieves so many compliments!  Everyone always tells me how gorgeous she is! She has been a blessing. She was so easy to train and is so willing to do anything. I currently started Eventing on her and she loves it! I am currently jumping her 3'3'' 3'6'' at home but only doing novice level in Eventing until we get the jist of things. Her first three-day she placed 5th out of 9. We went 9 seconds TOOO FAST on the Cross Country..WOOPSS. haha Our last 3 day we moved up to Novice from Beginner Novice and placed 3rd out of 15! She was awesome! This mare loves to jump! Ive taken her to some Jumper shows in Fresno, CA where I am currently living and she always wins! She's so quick and agile, that she can make turns no other horse can! I am also using her as one of lesson horses. Currently a young 12yr old girl is riding her and Mercedes carries her through the cross rail divisions sweeping up all the blues. She is an amazing horse and I dont know what i would do without her. Thank you so much!


 Mallory Hames

Ps. And...She always poses in every picture!


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