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From: Fay
Sent: Sun, May 15, 2011
Subject: Prince Fidei - The BEST day ever!

Hi Fredericka
I had to share what a great day me and Prince Fidei had today!
We just got home from Prince Fidei's first ever show - and it was a rated show. It was a horrible day lots of rain and he had been shut in his stall all week due to the bad mud and we could not practice. The judge we got assigned was an Olympic judge and he was giving everyone really low marks - in the 40s and 50s even to experienced people with fancy warmbloods.
I got Fidei into the warm up ring and he EXPLODED in a  very uncharacteristic way bucking and trying to run off. I was scared but he settled down after a while. Then we got in the ring and he spooked at all the big flower pots. Then he spooked at the judges and tried to run off when we cantered! BUT.....
We won first place!!!!
We scored 60 overall which in all the circumstances was better than I expected and the judge said on the comments lots of nice things and that we would get high scores with more showing experience and Fidei has a lot of potential. It means a lot coming from this particular judge as he is famous for only saying things if he means them and for being very harsh and (shock horror) apparently he is known for not liking Friesians! He gave us 8s for our gaits at the walk and trot (at the canter we only got a 5 with the comments "playful" and "out of control" which we kind of were - ha ha ....).
Next weekend we show again so we will see how we do. I was so happy and proud of him. He was also very popular  - lots of people came to watch his test and ask me about him and where I got him and what kind of horse he was.
Then we met a really nice girl called Meredith who came up to us at the show and said she owned FWF Prince Prefontaine. We are meeting up at the show next weekend and will get a photo of our horses together to show you! FWF Baronnes Von Diamond Star was also there this weekend but I did not get to see her as she was there at a different time from us. I will look out for her next time.
Thanks for my wonderful, brave horse!!!!


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