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Baroness Von Ballerina (Brandy) came into my life three years ago.  I saw Brandyís ad and couldnít help but to ask my mom if we could go take a look. It wasnít but about four months from the time I saw the ad to the time Brandy was with me at my parentís farm in Whitesburg, Georgia. Brandy has a very humanistic personality.  If someone is close by she has to come check out whatís going on. She looks at you with eyes filled with curiosity. No matter how much something may scare her, the curiosity overpowers the fear. She also has a very loving side to her and I believe she feels when I am upset, nervous, happy, excited, and definitely over confident. Any day that I might try to push our limits Brandy will put me right back in my place. Out of all the horses in the world, I couldnít ask for another. I believe all of us have that one partnership that you work hard for, and that is unbreakable once you achieve it. Brandy is my best friend, companion, partner, and will be going anywhere I go. Thank you Flying W Farms for breeding this wonderful breed of horse. She has changed my life in more ways than one.

Cassidy Nutter 


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