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2011 IGGHR Horse of the Year Champion Jumper!

Dear Friends at FWF,

How is everyone there? We are doing well out here in Montana, and I wanted to send you some news and a few photos. Sammy and I did the event at Rebecca Farm last week and it was a blast. This was our second horse trials together -- my second and his third (my trainer, Stephanie Kappes, rode him Novice once as a 5 year old). We got a 35.5 in dressage and went clear xc and stadium, ending in 5th place out of 22 horses including many gorgeous warmbloods and thoroughbreds, even some ridden by professionals! I was so, so proud of Sam. On top of being so much fun and honest to ride, he is still the loving and sweet horse he was when I first met him at your farm as a one year old. In fact one of the professional trainers at the event approached me to say what a kind and loving face he has when we were waiting to go in for our show jumping round. I am so thankful that I found your farm and horses.

All my best to all there--

**There were 500 horses at this event! This was a very presigious show!**



Subject: FWF Samskara's Fire
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011
From: Kimber
Dear FWF Friends,
Things are going well with Sammie out here in Missoula. We did a few novice events this summer in MT and Idaho and had lots of fun as usual. He seems to love to be in the show ring, especially if jumps are involved! He just loves jumping and heíll jump just about anything we put in front of him. He was competing well at the 3í6Ē level this summer and is still just as much of a lover of people as ever. He thinks my children, who are now 7 and 9, are the best thing ever (besides the goat, that is, who seems to be the prime object of his affection right now). It is so cute to see him snuffling the kidsí ears, when they are so tiny compared to him. Itís been great for my kids to learn that such a large creature can be so loving and kind.
I hope this email finds you all doing well and having a good start to the holiday season!


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