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Subject: Rockaway at the fair
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2011

Great news from the State Fair! Rockaway was really good in the am classes ! He got 1st in turnout, 1st in working, and 2nd in the reinsmanship (he was perfect but his mother was first in line for the individual part of the test and misunderstood the directions) ! I was so proud of him ! It was his first time in the busy indoor arena and he was a little worried but rose to the occasion! For the two cones classes in the afternoon, he was slower than the smaller guys and his driver, hehe, missed a cone in the pick your own route class !!!!!!!! He won the Reserve Championship and best of all, won the Concours D'Elegance !!!!!!! He looked BEAUTIFUL! I bought the disc with the pictures on it and will send you some when the photographer sends it to me ! You would have been so proud of him ! An English gentleman was talking to a friend of mine on the rail and said that Rockaway was what he has been trying to breed for years !!!!!!!!! He said that he had just the right amount of knee action and that he could really lenghten his stride ! Whoopee !!!!!!!!!!!! The sofa backed phaeton goes with him really well ! Rockaway is my baby !!!!!





Subject: Fwd: Photos from the driving show
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011
To: Fredericka Wagner
Rockaway was so good at his first driving only show ! He was the reserve champion! It was a nasty cool rainy day, but he did very well in some strong competition. The horse that beat him is coming back today from the Friesian Nationals with lots of championships ! He got a second in the Super Reinsmanship class to a horse driven by our trainer and he was only decimal places behind her !!!!!!!! I was so proud of him, he really rose to the occasion. The judge really liked him and said that she wanted him for her dressage horse ! He's so big that he's not very fast in cones, but he was accurate, and even got a second in a pick your own route cones class !!!!! He's going to the state fair in a couple of weeks, so cross your fingers that he's confident in a big indoor arena !!!!




Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Subject: Re: Your horse children

Rockaway went to his first driving show and got a first and two seconds ? It was all in a busy covered arena and he was so good. I was going to be thrilled if he just stayed calm and happy. Also John Greenall, one of the driving gurus, came for a clinic recently and really thought that he has a lot of potential for driven dressage !!!!! Yippeeee ! Gail

Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Subject: Your horse children

Hi Fredericka ! Just wanted to let you know how well your old babies did at the Classic in the Pines. Limelight has finally matured into a real show horse !!!! She and Pat won the Concours D'Elegance and the Gentleman to Drive award, even beating a gorgeous pair of Friesians. Her movement is amazing ! Lots of people wanted to know what breed she was ! Bill Long and his wife organize the event and he said that he wished that he had four of her ! We plan to take her to the Walnut Hill show in August in New York !  We also had a clinic with John Greenall and he really liked Rockaway !!!!! He is doing so well. I've started riding Brighton Road and am really excited about his progress, he is going to have that same wonderful temperament that Rockaway has ! What you breed in, you don't have to train in ! Hey, where did I hear that, hehe !!!!!! Lots of love, Gail  


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