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Subject: Pair Pace Sept 2011
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011
With both beauty and skill, there is nothing a GG can't do,,,,this year Malachi and Comanche (with big brother Lakota) have done a cattle drive, a pair pace, dressage shows, Competitive trail event and a Pas De Deux.
They are more than Triathletes Fredericka, they are GG's


Performing the "Rain Coat" obstacle    Going thru the tires    Waiting for his turn

Subject: Competitive Trail event Malachi and Comanche
Hi Fredericka,
On Oct. 1st of this year, Comanche and Malachi did their first ever American Competitive Trail Horse Association, ACTHA, event in Larkspur, CO. The competition was a 7 mile trail with obstacles the horses had to complete and were given a score by the judge at each obstacle. Malachi was so calm and faced obstacles that he had never seen before with great composure. Malachi placed 4th out of 43 competitors, all of whom had more experience than we did. Comanche enjoyed the day but blasted thru a few obstacles he was convinced would kill him. Comanche did get better and better as the day went on.



Sent: Saturday, November 06, 2010

Subject: Malachi

FWF Prince Malachi, RMDS Championships 2010

Hi Fredericka,

Malachi is absolutely Gorgeous and with very little formal dressage training and only 5 shows this season, he finished 8th over all for horse of the year, training level.  

Sandy Pearce


My favorite, all four whites off the ground!  This was Championship class in September 2010


Sent: Monday, October 25, 2010

Subject: Malachi

Malachi competing in Estes Park, Co this September.  He did fantastic and everyone thinks he is so fancy.

Sandy Pearce


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