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Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2010

Subject: Re: Princess Fanfare

Happy Veteran's Day!   Wanted to give you a quick update on Fancy.  She is doing superbly.   I attached a picture of me riding her!!!   She is very balanced at the trot, her transitions to/from walk and trot are so easy and she learns so quickly and willingly.   We are starting some canter work under saddle and she's progressing nicely.  I do a lot of longe work and she is very responsive!   She stands like a lady for the farrier, vet, when mounting and bathing and nothing bothers her.  I hope to be showing her in the spring in Intro A/B.   Thank you for my lifetime horse - you have a phenomenal breeding program - and pray all is well with all of you!   Please keep in touch!  Vr, Theresa

Sent: Sunday, September 12, 2010

Subject: Re: Princess Fanfare

George, Fredericka and Robin,

   Hope your Sunday was a blessed one!    I wanted to let you know that Fancy is doing superbly!   My trainer was on vacation this week so I worked Fancy on my own and after light lunging, I rode her - since I was by myself I limited my ride to about 10 minutes of walking and trotting.    She is a love - she just stands at the mounting block, is patient and smart.  Her trot is LOVELY!!!    It is balanced and so easy to ride.  I will get some new pictures as she has a new bit - a mylar loose ring snaffle that she has taken to.   The pictures I sent you earlier were with a happy mouth snaffle and she kept getting her tongue over the bar - thus her high head carriage.  This one fits her very well.    I cannot thank you enough for letting me own Fancy - she is a joy!      Take care!  Theresa

Sent: Sunday, July 11, 2010

Subject: Princess Fanfare

 I wanted to let you know how Fancy is progressing:   SUPERBLY!!!!!   Every day I am amazed at her intelligence, kindness, athleticism and demeanor.    I'm lunging her over cavelletti's now and my trainer is riding her several times a week.   The equine dentist came out Friday and she has no wolf teeth so there is no interference w/a bit so we'll begin bridle work ASAP.     She has adjusted beautifully to everything - she was a doll for the farrier, for her shots, worming, the dentist, she bathes, saddling is a piece of cake......     She's a little unbalanced at the canter but she's still a youngster so that will come.  I am not the least bit concerned.     I have been remiss w/taking pictures and will get some to you w/in the next few weeks.   When I go to the stables, I'm concentrating on handling her and just forget to take pictures.  But, she is beautiful!    Everyone who encounters her is impressed and I gladly pass the kuddos to your breeding program.   You all breed spectacular animals!    And, I was pleased to see Princess Contessa sold!   I'm always perusing the website to keep tabs on what you all are doing.   Have a wonderful Sunday! God Bless!  Theresa


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