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Subject: Flying W Farms Triesta!
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009

Hello Fredericka,
     Its been a long time since I gave you an update on Triesta aka Tre.  She is still the best horse I have ever owned and worked with!  She is 9 now and stopped growing at 17hh even which is perfect for me.  She is competing is 4ft Hunter/Jumpers and 3rd level dressage and moving up the scale fast.  I soon hope to have her doing cross country next spring so we can enter into 3 day eventing.  Everyone compliments me on her and I tell them about you and how well your horses are breed.  Tre had a rough start in the beginning of her show career but is making up for it every day.  Her leg injury when she was 2-3 years old isn't slowing her down one bit. We work through it together which only made us a stronger pair.  All my students love her!  She is really spoiled. Tre and I have really bonded to where she is protective of me.  I recently got married in November of 2008 and it took me a year to get Tre to accept my husband when we were first dating.  Another time was when I was walking my fence line to check for down wires and rails a stray dog was in the field.  It started barking and growling at me to where I stopped moving.  Tre and my Gelding Rosco came running over and started chasing it.  I couldn't believe my eyes when it happened.  I can't tell you enough how happy and thankful I am that I found you guys and that you gave me such a wonderful horse.  Every show I go to I get compliments.  I recommend everyone I know thats in the market for buying horses to you. 

Thank you again,
Lisa and Tre  



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