Flying W Farms Trophys Tiara

aka Tia

Sire: Trophy-Percheron

Dam: Appendix Quarter Horse-Wacos Diamond Tiara.
Owner: Jenna Hill


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Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2009
Subject: Tia chasing cows!
I got to team sort the cows with Tia tonight and had soooo much fun!  I didn't get a chance to upload all of the pictures, but this is one of the best for sure!  She's learning to LOVE it!  Such fun!  I bet not too many FWF horses get to do this!!!!  



Sent: Sunday, June 14, 2009
Subject: XC pics from day 2
Here's some fun pics from when we practiced our skills out on XC.
Hope all is well with you, your family and the horses.  I bet you're busy with a new crop of beautiful foals on the ground.



Sent: Sunday, June 14, 2009
Subject: Pics from Lucinda Greene Clinic Day 1
Hi Fredericka!
I took Tia to a Lucinda Greene cross country jumping clinic at Stone Gate last week and had sooo much fun!  Attached you'll find some of my favorite pics of the first day.  I'll send even better pics of the second day in another e-mail.  We learned how to properly jump up and down banks and drop fences, drop into water, jump over ditches and jumped downhill.  I learned how to properly ride those obstacles to get the most successful jump from Tia and to stay safe in case things go wrong....great things to know!  Tia was a star and jumped everything as if she'd been doing those kinds of obstacles her whole life. 
I was excited to try competing in a few hunter trials this year after taking a 5 year break from eventing competitions, however, her heaves kicked in full force this past week which could very well put an end to that goal before we even get started.  I'm putting her back on an herb that I've had success with in the past and I'm starting to soak her hay again....keeping my fingers crossed that it does the trick!  If it doesn't work and she stays heavey, at least she has sooo many more talents that we can share together so we won't feel like we're missing out.  Her heaves are usually the worst in the Summer and Winter and ease up enough to jump XC in the Spring and Fall, so we can wait until Fall to play on XC if need be.  We're going to team sort those cows tomorrow and I'm anxious to start driving her again.  She's a fabulous posse horse and is a favorite with the park visiting public for sure.  I'm sure that she's convinced that the public visits the parks just to see her. 



Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009
Subject: Vacation Bible School Visit
Hi Fredericka!
Here are some pics from our visit to the church this past Sunday.  I didn't get many shots with the public because I had no "official photographer" with me.  I was lucky to get the shots that I did.  Tia was amazing as usual!  She adores her public and is so at home with everyone doting on her and petting her.  It's so funny, because at home, she's very aloof and usually will walk away whenever anyone attempts to pet her.  I attribute that to her doing her duty and filling her role as the alpha mare here at home.  She totally changes into such a kind, affectionate, understanding soul when I take her to visit with the public.  It's my main motivator for doing all the volunteering that I do with her. 
I especially enjoy the sensitivity and awareness that she has of the handicapped, young children and the elderly.  There was a girl with Downs Syndrome at the church on Sunday and Tia picked her out of the crowd, went right up to her and just parked her head right in front of her for the girl to just pet and pet.  And when she would stop petting, Tia would nuzzle her again for more attention.  It's so sincere and sweet to watch.  Tia's a very special mare and I feel priviledged to have learned about this quality that she has and to have the ability to share her with these folks like I do.



Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009
Subject: More Horsefest pics!
Here's some more Horsefest pics of us working our way through the obstacle course at the mounted police competition.  She's really getting good at that stuff and just LOVES it!




Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009
Subject: Horsefest pics!
Hi Fredericka!
Here are a few of my favorite pics from this year's Horsefest!  Tia was a star as usual, she absolutely THRIVES around her public and it makes it so much fun for me.  She gave lots of kisses and performed many bows to smiles on so many faces over the weekend.



Sent: Saturday, October 18, 2008

Subject: Tia in Western tack

Hi Freddie!

Tia and I have been test riding a treeless Western saddle for Maya Saddlery in California.  We had to take lots of pictures as part of the agreement, so I thought I'd send you a few of the nicest ones.  Maybe a couple can be added to Tia's page on your website since I don't think there are any Western pictures on there yet?





Sent: Monday, June 23, 2008
Subject: Pictures of Tiara
Hi Fredericka!

Last Sunday, Tia and I took on the cross country course with Heather who owns Siren (FWF Trophies After Dark) and Ginny who owns Bella (FWF Princess Isabella's Dream) and had a wonderful day together!  Tia turns 9 years old this week!  I can't believe it!  I love her more than ever, she's my perfect horse!  We have so much fun together doing so many different things.  She's such a talented, wonderful mare and I thank God for her everyday.  Our favorite things to do together these days are cross country jumping, driving and our volunteer work in the Volunteer Mounted Posse and Light Horse Brigade.  She's amazing when she gets around all those little kids, the elderly and the handicapped.  She's so tender, sweet and lovable with all of them that it brings a tear to my eye and a glimmer to theirs.  Watching her interact with them is more rewarding to me than winning any ribbon or trophy.  She's a very special mare and I feel blessed to be her owner.

The babies, Tashi and Jewel, are 3 years old this year and still growing.  Tashi's just about as tall as Tia now and barely starting to gray out.  Jewel is just the most beautiful pony I've ever seen and I absolutely adore her.  Today, Jewel did her first leadline class with Greg and his little granddaughter, Taylor.  What a good girl she was, you would have been so proud!  It was absolutely precious to watch.  I'll send pictures soon.  How many 3 year old horses could you trust with a small child on their back in the show ring?  Only a Flying W Farms baby I say! 


Tia doing leadline with Taylor


Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Subject: Re: Pictures of Tiara


Here are some ADORABLE pics of Greg and his granddaughter, Taylor, doing leadline class with both Tia . I'll attach the leadline pics with Tia. 

Oh, I also need to send you pics of Tia from Horsefest in May.  I don't think I ever sent you any.  We did the Horse 'n Hound relay race again in gladiator/war horse attire, she was a HUGE hit  demonstration in the Showman's Circle, we competed in the mounted police competition both days and she also did a beautiful demonstration of the English Show Horse for the Hoofbeats through History program.  It was a crazy, tiring weekend, but Tia just eats that stuff up and was a total angel!  I recently used her to help teach a jumping class and a driving class at the Farmpark and she was FABULOUS!  She's definitely found her niche with this volunteer stuff.  She absolutely LOVES the Farmpark and enjoys everything she does's like our second home these days;


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