Flying W Farms Silk Merchant

Born May 1995

Sire: FWF Crusader

Dam: Bloomfield Heather C66605

Owner: Cathy M

At 22 Years of Age!

Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Subject: Flying W Farms Silk Merchant, aka Monty

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Wagner,
I am writing to you from Hawaii.  The attached picture is of my horse whom I believe was bred at your farm.  His name is Flying W Farms Silk Merchant and he was born in May 1995.  His papers list his sire as
Flying W Farms Crusader, and his dam as Bloomfield Heather C66605.

Monty is a wonderful horse.  He has a sweet, kind, and gentle disposition. He is healthy and has great hooves the farrier says that he has the best feet in the barn.  People are constantly remarking at how shiny his coat is.  We do dressage, and everyone is amazed that a Clydesdale cross  has such nice movement.
Cathy M


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