Flying W Farms Baron Von Kilkee

aka Rocket


Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2008
Subject: American mastiff puppies?

Hi Fredericka,
It's been almost a year now since we were at your farm and bought our 2nd Flying W Farms Georgian Grande.  His name was Barron Von Kilkee.  (We call him Rocket.)  I adore him. He turns 3 next month and I've just recently started riding him. He is full of personality, but good as gold under saddle.   Our other mare is Barroness Von Stariana.  She turns 5 next month. Both were from Barron.  I'm attaching pictures for you.  Stariana is a big sweetie!  We spent most of the day with your family and got to meet all the
horses. I'm so sorry to read that Firedance is gone.

I'm writing now to inquire about a puppy.  My husband Jerry and I are interested in your mastiffs.  I recall that you had quite a long wait list in the past.  How do we go about getting a puppy from you? What information
do you need from us? Say Hi to Robin.  Jerry hopes that Bob's ankle is better!  (He was hobbling
around when we visited.)

Warm Regards,
Jennifer and Jerry

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