Flying W Farms Baron Von Finnegan IGGHR#416

Sire: Baron (Friesian) Dam: One Day Trip (Saddlebred) 

Foaled 5/8/05

Owner: Colleen Hawksworth



Sent: Monday, August 03, 2009
Subject: fin
HI Fredericka,
I just wanted to let you know how Fin ( Baron Von Finnegan IGGHR#416) is doing. We have started riding him this summer--my trainer has been working with him and I am just starting to get on him (What fun!). It is a joy to watch him grow and progress and see how he changes each year. He is now about 17 hands and is filling out this summer.   I took a couple of pictures  ( I need more practice)  and as you can see - he is a nice horse.  It will be fun to take him to some  dressage shows. 


Sent: Sunday, August 23, 2009
Subject: Hi Sharing some additional photos
Hi Fredericka,
I took some additional pictures of FWF Baron von Finnegan today.  I have started getting on his back that last couple of weeks. What a thrill. My trainer is riding in these pictures--He is really a beautiful horse - I think these pictures show how nice he is and we have not even been on him 20 times yet.  

Two years in these photos


Sent: Monday, December 03, 2007
Subject: update on Finnegan

Hi Fredericka, Well as you can see Finnegan is still growing. He works at liberty with me in the field now and wants to be in the middle of everything.   I took one picture while he was working with me.  He was trying to get my attention because I was with my other horse when I took the other pictures.  We are hoping to show take him to a few shows next summer.  - Oh the most remarkable thing is that my husband started taking riding lessons this week because he wants to be able to ride Fin when he is trained.   He just loves this horse!  I can't express how great this is for me to be able to do this in my 50's.  I think people thought I was a bit crazy to start with such a young horse at my age-but this experience is great fun!  I would not trade him for anything!

I hope that you and your family have a great holiday season.


Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2007
Subject: finnegan
Hi Fredricka,
Just a quick message to let you know how Finnegan is doing. He is growing and filling out;  He is over 16 hands now and has become the family favorite pet.  With a dog, two cats, two birds and another horse that was no small feat. Even my grumpy old thoroughbred loves him. They lay out together in the arena and take sun baths together in the afternoon.
I have been mostly on my own with training this summer. My trainer came over this week and could not believe all we have accomplished so far.  My farrier, and vet have both remarked about how smart he is.  We take long walks around the property and  we have been working at liberty in my small corral.  So far "fin" is  trotting, stopping, changing direction and backing with voice commands and cues from the longe whip.  I  only need to show him once and he remembers. I have had a bridle on him (no problem) and we worked with a saddle this week. 
Take care,


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