Flying W Farms Prince Bonhoeffer

 Foaled 5/3/01
He is a Priesian Sired by Koning-Friesian
 His mother is a Percheron, Milmers Rita


Sent: Monday, September 14, 2009

Subject: Flying W Farms Prince Bonhoeffer


I just wanted to share a pic of my young friend,  Hannah, on "B" from this last weekend's Region 8 Championships in Saugerties, NY. 

Hannah has been riding B since the end of April when I had arthroscopic shoulder surgery and was unable to ride.  Her pony, Smokey Joe,  had a bad bout with Lyme and was laid up for a while so I asked if she would be interested in riding while I was recuperating.  As you can see, they have done quite well!  Hannah is all of 80 lbs and has done an amazing job keeping B fit and happy.  She won the Training Level Jr. championship with a score of 70.2%! 

I am so proud of both of them!

Hope everything is going well at Flying W!

Allison B.




Greetings! Flying W Farms!
Just wanted you to know I took his royal highness, Prince Bonhoeffer, to his first recognized dressage show last weekend.  It was a 4 hour trip and he got off the trailer with his usual, "Hey...this is cool!" attitude.  I was a bit nervous about having him stay overnight in a strange place but he was AWESOME! 

As for our 3 intro tests...he had two scores at 66% as well as a 69% for reserve champion high point of the day (only .05 difference from champion)!  He was an absolute STAR and I couldn't have been happier.  My goal for the weekend was to stay in the arena and complete the tests but I guess I should have set my sights a bit higher.  I can't tell you how proud I am to own this horse and tell EVERYONE about
FLYING W FARMS  and the great horses you breed there. 

I may do a few more shows this fall though I am content to just trail ride or ride on the beach.  Next year we will begin our show career in earnest.  Until then I am happy to just enjoy my wonderful horse.  Allison

(photo as a yearling)


Sent: Friday, February 07, 2003

Subject: Prince Bonhoeffer

Greetings Fredericka!

 I Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how his royal highness is doing; He is 21 months old in these photos. He is such a beautiful boy and  he is  breathtaking to  watch. We have had a lot of snow this winter which hasn't seemed to bother him  any when it comes to running around. The owners of the barn invite  their friends to come over and watch him play just to see his  beautiful movement. His hock action is just amazing! I have not been able to take him off the farm for our usual walks as  the roads have been terrible but before the snow fell we were walking about 3 miles together. He has already seen so many "scary" things and has  been so brave about everything. He has seen bikes, skiers, snow  plows, joggers, trucks towing lawn equipment and still he does nothing  but look. He has a GREAT BRAIN and I just love
him to pieces. I  know he will  be easy to break. In fact, I could probably throw a saddle on him tomorrow and  he would look at me and say, "okay, now what!" Thanks for breeding such even tempered and fabulous  horses.  I  had more money I'd be buying one every year!


Allison and  Prince Bonhoeffer)


August 30, 2003
Hello Fredericka!

It seems hard to believe that I have owned his royal highness for a year now.  He is the sweetest, smartest horse I have ever owned!  I just bought a trailer and have been taking him EVERYWHERE to show him off.  We are working on self-loading and he is getting there slowly but surely (he comes off by himself).  Everyone who meets him loves him (I mean who wouldn't).


Last weekend I took him to the barn where we will learn to ground drive, long-line and eventually learn to drive.  There is a lot going on at this barn with minis driving and people in the indoor driving and ground driving.  He was SUPERB!  He didn't bat an eye at anything.   I was soooo proud of him.

 Bonhoeffer stands about 16+ hands (at his withers) and is starting to fill out everywhere.  He has had a saddle on (girthed) and could have cared less.  I will probably back him next spring and begin work in earnest the following spring as he is going to be so big!




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