Flying W Farms Prince Volkomen Von Leven  IGGHR#238

aka Vennoot or Vernoot

 Friesian Georgian Grande
Koning-Friesian X FWF Beautiful Doll-Saddlebred

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Vennoot at Parelli Clinic August 5, 2008


Sent: Friday, November 28, 2008
Subject: Bruce Logan Clinic The Ranch Outback August 2008
Helllo Fredericka,
You haven't heard from us in awhile but we are doing fine. Vennoot is my Parelli levels horse.  We did two clinics this past summer and he did super.  2009 he'll turn seven and he has given me sooo much pleasure and entertainment.  He never ceases  to  amaze me... he has a high play drive and lots of curiosity.  Enclosed is a picture of us at another Bruce Logan clinic.  Jane Marek and Ruby were also in the clinic.  Regards to everyone.  Tell Robyn that she looks great in all the pictures.  I love watching the videos of the horses for sale.  I would love to see pictures of the Friesian/Dale X. God Bless.
Marge (Ethel)

This is a photo of Flying W Farms Prince Volkomen Von Leven GG# 238 -Friesian Georgian Grande
Koning X FWF Beautiful Doll-Saddlebred.  The other horse is Marge's purebred Friesian gelding.

Can you tell which is which?

Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2007
Subject: Re: equine affaire
Vennoot  and I will be participating  in an August  Bruce Logan clinic, as will Jane  and Ruby.  I will get some good pictures of all of us and send them to you to post.   FYI  a couple weeks ago Debbie Brown and I had the two big boys out and riding in the ring.  We took turns on both of them.   Debbie couldn't say enough about how smooth Vennoot is!!!  I was glad to give her the opportunity to ride a FWF horse.  He rides like a Cadillac.   Hope things are going well.   It is good to hear from you.   Greetings to Robin.

Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2007
Subject: equine affaire
hello robin, fredericka, and george,
after witnessing the demo of the Georgian Grande breed,  Vennoot's value has just increased.  Not for sale, but for the pride I have of loving and owning him.  Thanks for a wonderful breed of horse.  The demo was spectacular, each rider and their horse presented themselves with the utmost beauty in their turn out and  their talent of their performance.    Bravo to all of you!!!!!!  You're in my thoughts and prayers with God's Blessings.
Marge  (Ethel)

Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007
Subject: friesian gelding
Hi Robin and Fredericka,
I am always visiting your web site and checking out  the horses for sale.  As always you have beautiful babies and I enjoy the videos.  Vennoot is doing well, he is so smart and athletic.   What a view when I look out the kitchen window and see those two beautiful horses.    Vennoot will turn five this June and I will have all the time in the world to spend with my two boys!!!   Bruce Logan will be in Port Clinton Ohio in August for a riding clinic.   Vennoot and I will participate, so will Jane  and Rubicon.   We will keep you posted on our events and goals.  Take care.   Happy Easter to all of you at FlyingWFarms.   I want to make a road trip to see you  and all the babies.
Marge  (Ethel)

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