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aka Cherie

Foaled July 8, 2000
Sire: Flying W Farms Trophy-Percheron
Dam: Flying W Farms Waco's Diamond Tiara


Subject: New Arrival
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2014


I just wanted to let you know that 'Cherie' had her baby on 3/3/2014. I know it has been several years since I last updated you about her, I decided to breed her after she retired about 4 years ago from the jumping ring.

FWF Special Moments and Megan Reymer.  Hunter Grand Champion award


From: Meg Reymer

Sent: Saturday, November 11, 2006

Subject: update on cherie

hi guys,

Just thought id send u some new pics of Cherie and let you know how she is doing. We have a show tomorrow and ill get some more pics of her and hopefully our 1st place ribbons. we have made it into the finals for the medal classes in December and hopefully we will win! but I am very happy with all the we have achieved this year and she is turning into a great horse!!

Thanks again



Ive also attached some pics of Cherie  and Tia from 2 years ago when we did cross country



 Hunter / Futurity Four year olds

Owned, trained and ridden by Megan Reymer.
Megan is only 14 years old in these photos.

Note from Fredericka: This is a wonderful story of an eleven year old girl and a one year
old filly that grew up together; Megan trained Cherie herself and now they are  making quite a name for themselves in the hunter circles. Our horses are known not only for their movement and beauty,  but also for their amazingly gentle calm dispositions that even a child can handle. Congratulations to Megan and "Cherie!"

January 16, 2005
Hi Fredericka,
I know it has been a long time since you last heard from us, but we have definitely been busy.  It is amazing to think about that cute little black/grey yearling  filly that we bought in April of 2001 at 7 months. Megan was only eleven years old the day we purchased Cherie and took her home from your farm.  Cherie has certainly kept us very busy and been a great friend for Megan. Meg took "Cherie" and they taught each other quite a bit.   She has done quite well making it to our state competition for the past 3 years and placing in the top ten every year.

Meg was the first one to ride Cherie.  She was amazingly easy to break and it has been quite a journey since then.  Cherie has grown into abeautiful big girl.  She is now 16.3 and quite big.  She gets more gray every year and we can really see the dapples coming out now.  She is very eye catching as her mane and tail are white.

We have taken our time letting her have time to grow, but in the last year Meg has started to show her.   Cherie has always liked to jump.  At 18 months she cleared a 5 foot pasture fence to come visit us in the barn.  She continues to excel in jumping and seems to have fun.  We have also been training her in dressage.  Last year Meg and Cherie went to the region 1 Jr/Yr Championship and did very well.  So we have been very busy with dressage and hunter shows.  Although Meg enjoys dressage at this time they are having fun jumping and plan to concentrate more on

It is so nice to go to a show with a horse that will stand on a trailer all day if necessary without a problem.  She also comes off the trailer and looks around as if she has always been there.  I always know that with Cherie, Meg is safe.  They can have a ball riding through the fields or working in the ring.  It is amazing when we go to shows the attention she gets.  People always ask about her and sometimes we evenfind other FWF owners.

Thank you for breeding such wonderful horses.  We are looking forward to this season and hope to continue the fun

BJ Reymer

I have attached some pictures from last season.  Enjoy


February 14, 2005

Hi Fredericka,

It was so great to become part of Flying W Farm's "hall of Fame".  Just a little history on our journey with our wonderful horse.  Megan was 11 when we made the trip to Ohio looking for a horse for her birthday present in April 2001.  We had seen pictures of your horses and really felt, this was the place to go.  Meg said she wanted to get a baby so she "wouldn't have to correct other people's problems".  Of course Meg had her heart set on a Friesian cross since that was the "in" horse;  Things changed when we were at the farm.  In some ways it is so overwhelming to go there because you have so many wonderful horses , and when Robin came to meet us we said we were looking for a brown or black gelding.  Of course we ended up with a gray mare!  Once we saw Cherie, we didn't need to look further. Meg and Cherie really grew up together.  I think the hardest part was waiting.  Because Flying W Farms  horses are so calm and grow so quickly it is easy to think, I can ride her now.  And of course, kids are not known for their patience, but we managed and it certainly paid off. 


One of the first things that impressed me is that it must have been quite an experience for Cherie that day we bought her.  After loading her into our 2 horse trailer, we had an 11 hour drive in front of us.  In dark rainy weather, we almost thought we had an empty trailer.  She was great traveling (and still is) which was so very important since we drove through long stretches of construction and a lot of movement would have had us into the barriers.


Cherie has always been the horse that comes to the gate when you walk by.  Of course that is great when you don't want to spend hours chasing a horse in the pasture just to ride.  I really wasn't sure about an 11 year old training a baby, but any fears were soon shattered with Cherie's gentle nature and intelligence.  They have grown and learned together.  We have also been fortunate that Meg has 2 excellent instructors that have given her guidance along the way.


This year Meg will turn 15 and Cherie 5.  We are looking forward to see what they can accomplish this year.  It is wonderful right now to see the two of them running in the field with snow flying.  I'm not sure who is having more fun. 


We'll keep you posted!  BJ and Meg


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