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Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Subject: Re: Baron von Snowden

Hi Fredericka & All,
Snowden is my dream horse, simply put.  He has taught me so much over the course of the last four years.  Snowden is not only my first horse, I also bought him, as you know, as a yearling and have tried to bring him along myself.  Not being a trainer or having much experience, it has been a journey full of trial and error, but one I would not trade for the world! Snowden is an extremely intelligent horse;

 I am happy to say that he has grown into what I consider to be a perfect horse-- okay--I may be a little biased :)  Snowden has talent and is very athletic.  But he is also very trustworthy and as sweet as he can be.  We have quite a bond, Snowy and I, and we both have learned to trust each other. Snowden's training has gone very slowly, as I am not very experienced and am learning with him.  We are learning dressage together and I have also started teaching Snowden how to jump now that he is five.  He absolutely LOVES to jump!  It is
 the cutest thing when riding--the moment he realizes we are headed towards a jump, up prick his little Friesian ears and I can just feel him getting excited!  I may have a future eventing horse on my hands!!

 Snowden has also participated in a couple of clinics with a dressage trainer/instructor whom I greatly admire and who works predominantly with Friesians.  She has been extremely complimentary of Snowden.
 She is actually coming up to my farm from Wellington, FL next weekend for a clinic here!

 In short, Snowden and I are taking our time and allowing ourselves to develop at our own pace.
 I value him as a friend and true partner above all else---he truly is my dream horse.
 Thank you so much again for breeding my wonderful boy!!


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