Smooth As Silk   /  Prince Radolph  /  Star Ruby

Smooth As Silk's Sire: FWF Drifter-Shire X Dam: FWF Laughing Waters, TB/Hanovarian cross.

Prince Radolph's Sire:Koning-Friesian X Dam: Appendix Quarter Horse.


Flying W Farms Star Ruby


Flying W Farms Princess Star Ruby


From: Betty Forsyth

Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Subject: Emailing: classresults

Subject: News for you

Star Ruby and Silky went to their first in hand class both in the 4 year old and older maiden mare

For Star this washer first show and she was fantastic and acted like an old pro hauled well, stayed in the stall like she was home and went in the show ring like a champion  It was tough competition but she receieved a 68.5 % and Silky received a 67.5%;

I have had professional pictures taken this time and am purchasing a web set so I can forward them to you  You will be please to see your babies all grown up.

Thanks again  Will keep in touch  My best to you and your family  betty

Dressage at Waterloo July DSHB
7/23/2007 - 7/23/2007
Class B12 - Four-year old and older Maiden and Yeld Mares - 7/23/2007
Lilo Fore at A
Final Score Raw Scores Horse, Sire, Dam (Dam's Sire) Owner Breeder
  Total Score: 68.50
Percent: 68.500%
A: 68.5

Flying W Farms Princess Star Ruby by Pieter fan Lutke(Koning)Peinju out of Flying W Farms Ruby Eclipse

(FWF Eclipse)

Betty Forsyth Flying W Farms
  Total Score: 67.55
Percent: 67.550%
A: 67.55 Flying W Farms Smooth As Silk by FlyingWFarmsHighPlainsDrifter out of Flying W Farms Laughing Waters (Roaring Waters) Betty Forsyth Flying W Farms


Smooth As Silk:  Flying W Farms Horse of the Year 2006


Award for Horse of the Year 2006 Embroidered Saddle Pad


Smooth As Silk with her Ribbons



Photo above taken July 2003

SILKY (black) Born July 14, 1997,  is six years old in this photo, her sire is Shire
FWF Drifter and her mother FWF Laughing Waters, a TB/Hanovarian cross.
PRINCE RADOLPH  (gelding,bay) was born 7/12/01 sire Koning-Friesian
Radolph's mother is appendix quarter horse


Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007

Subject: Re: Registrations

Hi Fredericka

Silky was a star last year during the end of the show season. We did not start showing til mid season.   We went to several schooling shows and we were entered in First Level for the first time.  I was so proud of her!!!!!!!  The first schooling show was held for  2 days but we could only go for one and she placed first in 2 classes and second in 1 class and received the reserve champion ribbon for the show.  I was so tickled at the way she worked but also that she could acheive that honor in one day.  Our 2 other  schooling shows she also did great winning several classes and placing second and third in the rest.  She was never lower then third place all season and the schooling shows were packed with competitors.  We are currently working on strengthening of the hind quarters so she can carry more weight and move up to second and third level.  Since my coach feels she needs more time for the demands of the next two levels we are taking her with Princess Star Ruby to hopefully three large dressage breeding shows.  Silky is helping Star get used to the ropes on the road, and so I also entered her in the breeding division 4 year old and older mares without foals and the performance horse classes.  I have never done this  before so I am working with a runner who has shown in hand all over this area.  He loves them both and was espeically happy about Star Ruby's willingness to try something new and her wonderful big balanced trot in hand.  Silky remains the most steadfast and dependable horse I have ever had and she makes riding a joy.  She has a home forever. Thanks again for breeding such wonderful horses.  I hope they can show their Flying W Farms colors at these coming breed shows.  They are both enrolled with the USDF and the USET.


Our best Betty, Smooth as Silk, Princess Star Ruby and Prince Radolph ( you'd think we were royalty with names like these!!


From: Betty

Sent: Sunday, August 13, 2000

Subject: Smooth as Silk

Dear Fredericka,

Just a note to let you know that Silky(yes we are keeping her name) has just arrived home from her very first horse show.  she just turned 3 last month and I wanted her to go to a big show and hang out for a few days take in the sights and just see how well she would handle all the confusion.  she was entered in a few Green as Grass classes at a Dressage show where you just walk and trot.  she placed second and 6th and the best part was she just quietly went about her job and did not flinch at the 100's of things a horse can be frighten with at a horse show.  In all my years with horses ( I have owned and broken and shown over 110) she  and one other cross gelding i had ever got such high marks for being so young.  I am thrilled !!

She has restored my faith in the equine world as 2 years ago i was severly hurt by a rouge. 

She has a home with me forever and i happily look forward to working her and showing her in the future.  i will keep you posted and THANK YOU AGAIN.  Best Betty


Sent: Monday, July 21, 2003
Subject: Silky and Radolph

Hi Fredericka

Silky and Radolph send their best.  They are stable mates and also pasture buddies.  Radolph continues to be handsome and very easy to manage and Silky continues to allow my confidence to grow.  She has been to the park several times on the trails - a lead horse and always calm even after a flock of birds went right up from under her in the field.  My heart stopped she said no problem.  What a Saint!  Because of Silky and now Radolph I have gotten over that terrible accident with another horse.  Silky has continued to be steadfast, calm and very capable getting 7's on her gaits at her first real dressage show this past weekend.  NOTHING!!!! phased her not even the water truck as it went by us spewing water everywhere to water the rings.  I can honestly say without her I would never be back riding again with the hope of EVER  getting to  FEI level again.  This weekend proved SHE HAS GIVEN ME BACK MY CONFIDENCE  and we can look forward to moving up the levels.  I do not think there is anything she can not do.  Thank you so much for breeding horses that are sane,  talented and willing partners- a rare find these days.

My best to all of you and God Bless



Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 9:35 AM
Subject: Emailing: Silky and Radolph 7-31-03 007

Here they are this morning, Radolph just turned 2 and  Silky now 6.  They are out each morning together and work later in the day or evening depending on the weather.  Radolph is already taller then Silky who I believe has stopped growing taller and is 16 hands.  Radolph has slowed down his upward growth and I think may top out at 16-2. They are both wonderful  Thank you again and God Bless


Dear Fredericka;

We went to a small "A" Dressage show and she won the suitable class and ended up with
 FOUR 2nd place ribbons.  We are now working for next year and hope to do training level at the big Dressage shows and move into one or 2 of the first level classes.  Do not want her to get bored.

Still in love  Betty

Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2003 12:13 PM

Subject: Radolph the Prince

Well- Another chapter in the best book I have read in a long time.  Radolph now 27 months old and 16-1 beautiful mahogany bay went to a friends stable for a month of basics.  He came back in 3 weeks because he never did anything wrong and had learned what we wanted him to which included long lining both ways including trotting over caveletti and around cones, acceptance of the bridle and saddle, loading into a interstate shipping rig and coming home in a 3 horse slant load.  The trainer and long time friend of 25 years just could not say enough good about him.  You have to know that he does not give out compliments usually.  I told him to go slow, ask him what he wanted and to be aware of the fact that he was very young and willing and not to over face him.  I went to  see him twice a week to stay in touch and to let him know he was not sold.  Last Monday when I was there brushing him he took his very long neck and wrapped it around me like a big hug.  What a guy!!!. He backed out of the trailer this AM and walked into the barn picked out Silky in the crowd and is now out with his pasture buddy for some R & R. 

Thanks again!!  I hope this gives you the Goosebumps I have had for 3 weeks.

PS  He taped the sessions with him so I could keep in touch.

My Best to You again and Happy Thanksgiving

Betty , Silky and Radolph aka." Red"


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