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Sent: Friday, March 26, 2010

Subject: awards


Hello Fredericka and family, hope you are doing well.
Lucy called the other day and reported Natlaie had an award which needed current remains the same for the time being as we are listing in a couple weeks looking to buy our own farm and end the  expense of boarding facilities.  Cannot wait to have my horses at home.  Attached is a picture of Natalie and Kodi following an Eventing Clinic with Robin Walker...he enjoys teaching Natalie and Kodi and uses her as demo model for many of his clinics  :-) 


 Sent: Saturday, September 27, 2008
 Subject: Another picture
 Hi Fredericka and family.  I just came across this picture of Natalie  from this years Dressage performing First level test 2 and wanted to share  it with you.  They certainly have a future in Dressage if they ever lose interest in jumping! Deb, Natalie and Prince Kodiak


To: "Fredericka Wagner"
Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2008 
Subject: Natalie and Kodiak
 Hi Fredericka...............Just wanted to update you on a very busy show season.   Natalie attended 3 recognized Dressage shows in First Level and had many qualifying scores for regionals.  She chose not to attend as she instead participated in Lendon Grey's Dressage for Kids in July, in NY.  She
had her best score yet, a 72% judged by Margaret Freeman (she rides Friesians and just LOVED Kodiak).  It was a wonderful learning experience and she came away with many prizes.  The Prix Caprilli test was her favorite being an Eventer at heart for which she scored a 70%, not too shabby, she placed 3ird overall in her division for the entire show!  There were international competitors from all over the globe but Kodiak stood out as he always does, it is not just his beauty but his stunning personality which commands attention. Recognized events had us busy too.  They moved up to Novice level this year and had a very good year moving progressively up the ranks from 10th place at the first show in Erie Pa to 8th at the second show at South Farm, OH to 3rd place in Hunters Run MI. The cross country course here is incredible, very technical but fluent. She is very pleased with their performance in all venues this year.  They placed and were invited to the American Eventing Championships but we passed for financial reasons and they were ready for a rest.  They did achieve
their goal to make the AEC's which is rewarding in itself. Natalie is not a dreamer but a doer.  I am very proud of her as she is not a brag, very humble but knows how to get the job done.  There is always next year as Kodiak will be in his prime at 8 years old.  I have enclosed 2 pictures from
the Event in Michigan in August. 

Take care
Debbie, Natalie and Kodiak




Sent: Monday, September 03, 2007

Subject: Natali and Kodiak

Natalie and Kodiak got 4th place in BN Championships at South Farm!!!!
This was quite a challenge as all the scores were within 2 points of one another!!  There were competitors from OH, PA IN,MI and KY.  It was very tight but they pulled it off with a dressage score of 33...not our best but judging was tough...a clear XC in time and stadium without a flaw.  They all received a T-shirt and the ribbons.  Every competitor also got a small South Farm Competitor ribbon.  Way to go Natalie and Kodiak....By the way, Fredericka, .......I need some business cards for all the folks who approach us and what to know where Kodiak  came from.  We are your ambassadors out there at the recognized eventing shows.  Our last show of this season is Sept 22 and 23 at Stone Gate.  Hopefully they will place in top 3 so that they can apply the score to the 2008 AEC as this is Natalie's ambition for next year!  I will be glad to kick back after this show and relax for the colder months, save some $ too!!
Bye for now.

To: "Fredericka Wagner" <>
Sent: Monday, July 09, 2007
Subject: South Farm Horse Trials
 Hello Wagner's
I just wanted to update you on Natalie's show this past weekend at South Farm.  Guess what.............Natalie and Kodiak got 1st place in beginner novice at a rated show. It was very hot at 93 degrees but we kept them both cool with lots of water and shade when available. They were just awesome even in the heat with Kodiak sporting all that hair!   There were 14 in her class.  Her dressage score from Saturday was a 28, judged by none other than Sally O'Conner!  They went clear in x/c on Saturday and stadium jumping on Sunday.  It was exciting to see them in the lead of the victory gallop with that blue ribbon streaming along side them.  I am so proud of them.  The competition came from Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky.  This is a rated show and all the scores will be available on the USEA website.  The USEF will also have the scores as they are the governing body of the competitive arena.  I have enclosed a picture following their victory gallop and will sendoff a picture from the photographer upon ordering one.  I will keep you
posted as we are now qualified for Championships in area VIII with this win.  You have to get 1st-3ird in order to qualify.  Championships are over labor day weekend in Ohio instead of Kentucky this year.  It was a very good weekend for sure! Talk to you later.

Hi Fredericka and Robin............Just wanted to update you with Natalie and Kodiak.  They attended Eventing Camp in OH for the past week.Everyone was very impressed with Kodiak  and Natalie's ability as a young rider to bring along this horse so well so soon in his life.  Honestly, they were amazed at  Natalie's adaptability and Kodiaks flawless  ability to jump Training level fences, they even took a few Preliminary fences,   What surprised them most was was his breeding and his jumping power.  The one instructor was from the BHS, Lucinda Green, and she just LOVED Kodiak.......maybe some FWF imports to England in your near future?  Sue Hines is a local but incredible rider and when she first saw his size she thought he was much too barouqe but ended up eating crow when they got started.  We have been told to move up a level so we are showing in BN in rated shows and Novice at the schooling shows.  Sue  Hines said that with his Dressage and jumping ability he will steal the prize!

I like the picture  especially over the  log with all his mane
flying......Natalie is smiling BIG!  Have a great day!



Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2007
Hi, Fredericka and Robin............I have attached a couple of pictures of Natalie and Kodiak jumping in the warm up arena before the jumping show last weekend.  Boy that horse can jump....he will be doing Training level in a couple of years no doubt!  I did not get pictures of him during the show because they had it held indoors and the light reflected the dust so everything looked blurry. I also included a picture of Natalie and Kodiak this winter. Enjoy!  Will keep you updated.


Kodiak and Natalie




Sent: Tuesday, January 09, 2007
Subject: Natalie and Kodiak
 Natalie and Kodiak were Reserve champions  in the USDF 2006 All-Breed Jr/YR
Award in training level for the Friesian Sport Horse Registry.  I have
attached some photos of them performing dressge tests and the official
certicicate from USDF.


Natalie, (16 years old) and Kodiak , (5 years old), their birth dates are 1 day apart !  Started their show career in Dressage in the spring of 2006. They were hoping to do well but they did great.  They won the USDF Jr-Yr All-Breed award with a Reserve Champion.  Their average score was 64.6 % for the year.  As the summer wore on Kodiak was introduced to Eventing on a fluke with Natalie's mom, Debbie as she thought he was having way too much fun jumping the obstacles at the farm.  Well needless to say they went on to be winners in this arena getting a second in their first schooling show then a first place a month later; they had the best score of the day with a 29%.  They are focusing on Eventing for the rated and schooling shows but also a little Dressage and Hunter Jumpers to keep them on their game. They are  looking forward to much learning, adventure and success together in 2007.  Natalie is training this horse herself and they are the closest of companions, in and out of the saddle. It is truly a mutual relationship of love and respect, not just for now but for many, many years to come.


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