Flying W Farms Baroness Von China Doll

aka Asia

Sire: Baron-Friesian

On 10/12/2013 1:07 PM, Kavvi C. wrote:

Hello! This is Kavvi C! And i wanted to say how thankful to have Asia as my horse! She is amazing, u trained her well!! I am the daughter of Inglath C.







Sent: Monday, September 17, 2007
Subject: Update on Baroness von China Doll

Hello, Fredericka; want to give     you an update on Baroness Von China Doll. She is irreplaceable!!!
I wouldn't know how you would judge it, but could you think about adding year end awards for Flying W horses well versed in natural horsemanship?  "Asia" has done multiple performances now bridle-less and at liberty.  People just love the way we play at liberty when she follows me, canters circles around me, backs up by her tail, goes sideways when I do, does spanish walk, and bows down.  Her dressage is getting pretty good too, but tackless training is our forte.
I don't have any video yet of her piaffe in hand, but I've attached some pretty cool pictures of her (now 5 yo) 
Danee R

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