Flying W Farms Calypso

aka Clippy

Clydesdale/Thoroughbred Cross
Sire: FWF Springdale's Benedictine Prince
 Dam: Summer Song
Owner/Trainer/Rider: Catherine Doane


Sent: Monday, September 17, 2007
Subject: New Pictures of Clippy!
Here's some nice pictures of Clippy from South Farm this weekend!

This article was in the Horsmen's Corral in Septemer 2007. 
15 year-old Catherine Doane  from McDonald, Pennsylvania guided Flying W Farms Calypso, a 12 year-old, 16.1 hand Thouroughbred/Clydesdale gelding to win the Novice Rider division finalizing with a score of 34.  Third after dressage, the pair moved up to second place after finishing clean cross crounty and claimed the top spot with a faultless stadium round.

Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Subject:  Fwd: Grand River Hunt

Here's some great news about Catherine and Clippy from the mini-trial at Grand River Hunt this past weekend! the 39 is score for eventing, and

in eventing you want the lowest score possible. In dressage of course, you want highest score possible.
She did it again.  First place with a final score of 39.  Not many Novice riders this time. Actually she was in first after dressage too.  That's pretty good for those two.   Catherine had a score of 35 and, oops, did take a rail down in stadium.  But all-in-all it was a really nice job.  On to South Farm in September.


Eventing Horse Of The Year 2006

Grandpa's Gift

Sent: Friday, August 11, 2006
Subject: Re: Flying W Farms Calypso
I GOT HIM!!!! All i needed was that name!
We bred him; we sold him age two years to
Jackie Reynolds! Here is all the information:
Flying W Farms Calypso
bay gelding foaled July 29, 1995.
Sire Springdale Benedictine Prince Clydesdale #C31393
Mother Summer Song,  unraced Thoroughbred mare.
The mother was definitely thoroughbred but we never had her papers.Summer Song is the name we gave her.
Please give me your name and address, I will send you the paperwork you need to register Calypso with the PHR!!!!  You need to get him registered and then get a HID (horse identification number) with both the USEF and with USDF so Catherine and Clippy will be elegible for all the awards, both USEF and USDF offer. And if you compete him under his full registered name, Flying W Farms Calypso, they will be elegible for all our year end awards (our Farm gives very nice year end awards) also!!!! This is such a great story! I need to find time to post this on site under horse references pages on our website! What a wonderful story, Thanks to Jesus and His love for Catherine and her grandfather! Walt Disney would love this, he would have made a movie out of it! Maybe you will write a book someday about Clippy and Catherine!


Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2006
Subject: Re: Flying W Farms Calypso
Gives you goosebumps doesn't it.  I'm just glad he didn't write the word "Ferrari" on the envelope!

To: Sam Doane
Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2006 1:23 PM
Subject: Re: Flying W Farms Calypso
I wanted to add what a wonderful story that was about your father and the envelope
you found marked "horse." Wow, that was a clear message from "the other side!"
some say "beyond the grave." very inspiring story, thank you for sharing,
PS  Do you have a photo of clippy,what color is he?


From: Sam Doane

Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Subject: Re: Flying W Farms Calypso

Hi Fredericka. 

We got Clippy from John Petersavage. His son, Joel, took him as far a Prelim and decided that they needed another horse to go higher. Joel is a strapping 6'-2" 185 lbs or so. We did receive a Clydesdale registration paper with him, but I believe that it was for Calypso's sire.  Forgive me because I know I'm not going to get this correct and I don't have it in front of me, but I think the horse's name was 'Benedictine.' We were told Calypso's Dam was a TB but don't know her name.

We would love to know all about Clippy. How do we go about getting his papers?

I would like to share with you how we came to have him, if you will permit me to ramble a bit. We started looking for a horse for Catherine in the spring of 2005. In that April Catherine's grandfather, my dad, passed away unexpectedly which was very hard on her as he was a big supporter of her riding.

It was about this time that we came to understand that the Petersavage family was offering Calypso for sale, but his asking price was beyond me.

However, as I was sorting through my dad's desk, a month or so later, I came across an envelope with Catherine's name on it and the word 'horse' written in the lower corner. Inside was a sum of money exactly the amount I needed to buy Clippy for Catherine.

Needless to say every time I see her ride Clippy I get a bit misty eyed and I know he can see Catherine when she's on him.


Calypso, obviously, is very special to us.


A few months after getting Clippy, Joel's new horse had to be put down because he tried to jump out of the paddock, fell, and broke his neck. It was a very sad day at the barn. Learning of this tragedy, Catherine went over to Joel and tried to give Clippy back to him.  Had the whole barn in tears that day.  She's quite a young lady.

There is so much more to owning a horse than just riding it, isn't there?


To: Sam Doane

Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Subject: Re: Flying W Farms Calypso

Well, hello there! nice to meet you; Didn't you get Calypso's papers when you bought him? I have copies of everything if you need it; who did you purchase him from? why did she sell him?


From: Sam Doane
Sent: Monday, August 07, 2006
Subject: Flying W Farms Calypso
Good morning,
My name is Sam Doane and since last year my daughter, Catherine, is the very proud owner of Calypso. Quiet honestly we do not know much about his breeding but we have met his first owner at the recent Buckeye Horse Park Minitrial last weekend, and have met a few other lucky Flying W Farms horse owners during this season.
Catherine took two firsts, a second, and Champion in the Saturday Novice Jumper Show and another first in the Sunday Minitrial Beginner Novice Rider. This is her first year at eventing and has done pretty well.
She certainly can go to higher levels as 'Clippy's' previous owner had taken him to a number of Prelim rated events and done well.
In addition we became acquainted with Jenna Hill who filled us in a littler bit about Flying W Farms.  We had no idea of the size of your 'extended family!'
Just wanted to introduce ourselves to you and wanted to let you know about Calypso's whereabouts and successes.
Thank you and best wishes.


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