Balthasar & Odessa & 4H Girls


CAROLE WATTS is the owner of the gelding Balthasar. Her little daughter owns Odessa;

there are a bunch of other children that also love Balthasar and Odessa and Mary is willing to share with them.That is so sweet!




Sent: Saturday, June 02, 2007 9:40 PM

Subject: [flying_w_fans] My 4-H girls

Hi everyone,

Anyone else having to endure the terrible heat/humidity?!  Boy, I do NOT like summer.  I thought I would ride Balth just for 20-30 mins today around 7 AM.  Not to hot yet.  Not to buggy.  As soon as he started to sweat, the flies came out of no where and attacked.  It was awful!  He couldn't stomp and shake them off fast enough.  But he certainly enjoyed the hose down and being in his stall with a fan until sunset.  Not even  summer yet and Im ready for the Fall.


Half of the 4-H group got together tonight and decided to braid Balthasar and Odessa's manes so I took some pictures.  Odessa got done when it was getting pretty dark.  They had a BLAST!  It was the first time 2 of the girls have seen my horses and they raved about them!  Nice group of Girls.  You all know Maria from past pictures.  Chole in the yellow bandana braided the manes.  The smaller girl in white shirt is Elizabeth.  She is working with Odessa and hopes to show her in some up coming halter classes.  She is very timid but Odessa is doing a great job of teaching her ;-)

Keep cool and enjoy the pics!



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