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Sent: Friday, July 30, 2010

Subject: Mary and Balthasar

Hi Fredericka,
Here are a few pictures of Mary riding Balthasar tonight.  I like the one of Balthasar saying hello to Odessa.
We are all ready for the cool Fall days!


Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Subject: Re: March 2 snow pictures

Hello Fredericka,
  Balthasar Odessa and Caspian are all doing very well!  Balthasar is getting in shape for Spring and actively ridden 3 times a week and soon we will be pulling out the cart to drive!  Odessa will continue her saddle /schooling shortly.  Maria will start Caspian this spring/summer under saddle already and is very excited!! 
I'm not sure if you remember Kevin, the "little boy" who showed Odessa as a yearling.  Well, he came to visit Odessa last November (he now lives in Iowa) and oh my!!!  How tall and HANDSOME he is.  Always knew he was a beautiful boy.  Inside and out.  What a great young man.  Sadly his horse died last year and his mom said he has backed away from them.  I don't doubt one day he will get back in the saddle.  He is a natural equestrian.
Think Spring!
Carole Watts


Sent: Sunday, June 01, 2008

 Here are some pictures I just took. The lady in the one picture is my mother.





Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007

Subject: Tom and Balthasar

Just a few pictures of trainer, Tom Yetter on Balthasar. 




Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2007 6:40 PM

Mary trotted on Balthasar today for the first time  YEAH MARY!!!   It is terribly hot here.  94 degrees with 100% humidity so we kept the riding short.  We then had some water fun! 


Sent: Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hi, Fredericka;

I believe everyone should have access to these beautiful creatures!!  Fredericka, when I was growing  up, our neighbor  was a very kind women who allowed me as a 6 year old girl until my early teens to live in her barn from sun up to sun down. She treated me like her own daughter.  I will never forget her kindness and always said that should I someday have horses, I would freely open my barn to all children.  And adults.  So many people love horses but do not have access to them or the financial means for lessons. So I get great satisfaction seeing people faces around horses, especially when they meet Balthasar and Odessa. These girls and their parents had such fun learning to groom horses tonight.  How I truly admire Flying W Farms in breeding such high quality, intelligent, KIND, willing horses. They do stand out!  


Sent: Friday, August 25, 2006

Mary had a friend over today for a playdate.  They have been outside for hourse with Balthasar and Odessa intently watching them play.  Mary's little friend never saw a horse before let alone up close.  I thought this was a cute pic.  Of course I have some of her "ducking" as Balth lowered his head over fence to get better look at her.  SO CUTE!!!


Isn't he just gorgeous!!!!!!!  EVERYONE just adores him and make such a fuss.  How proud I am ;-)  I think Odessa will be stopping people in their tracks too.  She is adorable.  Fredericka, I can't thank you enough for your attention to such high quality breeding standards.  Give Robin a hug for me too.  Carole


Hi guys,
Anyone else get lots of snow??!!  We have 8" and spent all day out playing (and shoveling).  Horses had such a blast!  This was Odessa's first real snow and she didn't want to come in this evening.  Balth just wanted to run and run.  He really loves this weather.  Isn't his face shot cute? Oh, I was able to spend some time doing nice grooming job and noticed Balth was taller.  So I grabbed my measure stick with the bubble in level. He is officially 17.1 hands!  You were right Fredericka!!!!  And he gets MORE handsome every day. I should have measured Odessa.  Im guessing 12.2 hands for her.  She is really growing!!! Carole

Prince Balthasar & Mary (Carole's daughter) September 2005


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