Flying W FarmsTroparian

Bay Thercheron gelding foaled May 2000
Sire:TROPHY-Percheron Dam: Argan Moment-Thoroughbred
Owned by Laura Battaglia 2001

This is Troparian as a four year old

January 12, 2005
Just wanted to update you on Troparian.
Troparian is truly wonderful.  He and I are perfect partners.  I love him so.  I have moved him to a beautiful new barn.  He grazes and plays with his friends all day in the vast fields and eats only the best.  I ride him at night in the indoor.  It is obvious that he loves the whole routine.  All the people at the barn and anyone who meets him think he is beautiful, talented and surprisingly sweet and gentle.  He is kind to other animals and gentle with children.  Thank you all so much and thank you, Robin for your gentle hand.  Hope all is well with you.  Someday soon I will come to visit you for a companion for Troparian.
Here is a picture for you--he is always interested in what people are doing--he loves to be included in anything I do--that is for sure.  Oh and you were right, he is 4 years old and at 17 hands and quite elegant.(You said he would be 17 hands by four years)

These are photos of Troparian at age eighteen months



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