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aka Tia


Sire: Trophy-Percheron

Dam: Appendix Quarter Horse-Wacos Diamond Tiara.
Owner: Jenna Hill


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This page tells the story of a girl and her horse from yearling thru her first big Win!! And follows them thru second and third year of competition; Be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the page!


Tia LOVING the attention from the children at Lake Farm Park in June of 2007



Horsefest 2007


This mare wins the Versatility award for Horse of the Year 2004

 Dressage, Eventing & Team Penning!!!!         


Tia ended up in first place in the  Novice Horse division;  She was fabulous and clean in XC and stadium. We also did an extra dressage test for the separate dressage show and pinned 2nd.
June 25, 2005 We just received this email from three of our young horses that went to their first mini trials!
Congratulations to all three, we are so proud of you! you can find photos of these three and their
owners in these references pages; the trials were this past weekend.the email we received from Jenna Hill follows:



Flying W Horses   had a FABULOUS showing today at the first mini-trial of the season in our area.  There were three of us competing at this mini-trial:  FWF Prince Castaspell (Niko), FWF Undercover (Sherman "the police horse") and FWF Tiara. (my mare)  What's cool is that we represented three different Flying W sires, Koning,(Friesian)  Firedance (saddlebred) and the late, great Trophy.(percheron)  ALL THREE FLYING WFARMS HORSES WERE  WINNERS IN THEIR OWN DIVISIONS!  Way to go Flying W Farms horses!!!  The mini-trial organizer said to me, "What have you started?  Pretty soon we're going to have to call this the Flying W Farms Mini-Trial Series!  Those horses are wonderful!"
Best ever! Jenna Hill

From: Jenna Hill
Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2003 12:13 AM
To: Fredericka Wagner
Subject: I LOVE IT!

Oh Fredericka!  That reference page you made with Tia and me is soooo nice!  I love the two large headshots together, the one of her as a yearling next to the one of her now with the winter shot in between.  All different ages, all different shades of gray.  It really showcases how beautiful and mature she's become over the years.  I loved reading the letters too!  It was like rereading part of my diary or something.  What a great compilation of Tia and me growing up together!  Thank you so much!


I can't believe how in love I am with this gray mare of mine.  When I was young, all I ever wanted was a big, black gelding that looked like the black stallion.  When I first saw your tape, Paladin was my dream horse.  Then I saw Tiara and thought, "what a gorgeous jumper, too bad she's going to be gray,"  never knowing that I would be her owner in the end.  I remember driving home from your place after picking out Miya and I was trying to think of a name for her.  I distinctly remember following a van that said Tiara on the back (which is the name of the custom interior package on the van) and thought it was a pretty name and even considered it for Miya.  Again, never knowing that your Tiara was destined to be my girl.  It's all pretty neat when I look back on it.  I was devastated at the loss of my dream horse, my Friesian/TB cross, (Miya)  but Tiara has taught me so much about what is truly important in a horse.  I've realized that it's the disposition that is of utmost importance.  That connection, understanding and bond between horse and owner.  The mutual love for one another is what really makes it to me.  Tia could be yellow and I wouldn't care.  She's my soulmate, my true equine friend and I will love her with all my heart to the very end.


Okay, ya got me all mushy now.  Thanks for the trip down memory lane.  Can you add pics to that page in the future?  I'd love to have a jumping pic, driving pic and a western (maybe even contesting) pic added to that page to showcase just how darn versatile these horses are. Jenna

May 28, 2002
We made it through Tia's first show under saddle in great shape!  She was an absolute dollbaby!  Tia trailered well, as usual, settled her temporary stall beautifully and seemed eager and happy to be someplace new.  The first day I hand walked her through the intro cross country course, which she won't compete on until she's 3, she acted like we were going on a walk in the backyard...totally at ease.  I walked her over all the baby obstacles, mostly logs, and she was fine.    The next day I did Into 1 & 2 with her.  She was great on her first test.  she did a nice, steady test and got a 62% with "CUTE HORSE!" written in the comments.    I had several people come up and ask what she was and even a lady that wanted to know if she was for sale.  So, I got to brag about Flying W Farms.   Jenna

July 29, 2003

I'm soooo proud of Tia! We finally completed our very first mini-trial. She was such a good girl, you would have been so proud. My trainer was in awe as she performed her dressage test with such steadiness, rhythm and no shake of the head or even a resistance to my aids. We got all 6's and 7's and beat the pants off of a few of those expensive baby European warmbloods. My trainer was luvin' it! We scored a 34 which was only a point away from the two tied for first. Tia was pretty tired after dressage because I had been working her really regular all week long getting ready for this first mini. When we schooled for stadium she knocked down two rails and got 8 faults. I was very happy at how willingly she did the course and how straight all her lines were in between the fences!

Getting her down to the cross country start box took forever because she was pretty exhausted by then. (poor girl isn't used to be ridden three times in one day) It's funny, I'm so used to trying to calm nervous horses in the box with them prancing all around that it was kind of fun to be sitting on a horse that was almost asleep during the countdown! I started out towards the first fence and she stopped dead in her tracks, then promptly started trotting again like that was her wake-up call. I can't wait to see that part on the video!
After she went over her first obstacle she just took off cantering all on her own and proceeded to steadily canter most of the whole course with her ears up and anxiously looking forward to each little obstacle. A couple of the people that I was with had never seen her canter before and said she looked absolutely beautiful and smooth. They all said she looked like she had a blast out there and so did I. What a neat feeling to be out on a baby cross country course with this horse that I've raised and trained myself!
We ended up with a score of 42 which was still good enough to get us 4th place!
But all the wonderful things she did for me under saddle were nothing compared to the sweet, easy-going disposition she had the whole weekend. I worked out of my trailer and didn't get a stall like I always did for the TBs. She stayed right by me, even without being
tied and quietly grazed in between phases. Stepping on her own leadline repeatedly, the reindeer with huge racks across the street, the tons of Amish buggies driving by, the flags flapping during this very windy day, the lightening and thunder in the middle of the day....none of this even phased her. She handled it all like a well seasoned show horse without a care in the world. That's my baby and I love her so, for all of those wonderful little things that I appreciate soooo much!

Sent: Monday, August 04, 2003
Ms. Tia has done it again! A second time out for her in the baby eventing world and yet another success! She did great in dressage until she spooked at something (which she RARELY ever does) and blew two movements. If that wouldn't have happened, we would have pinned first for sure. But I was pleased over all. The judge said after my test, "Obviously with that name, you got her from Flying W Farms right? ALL of their horses are wonderful!"  Jenna


 Sunday, August 17, 2003                              THE FIRST BIG WIN!!!! FIRST PLACE!!!
 WE DID IT!!!!                           
 Ms. Tia and I took FIRST PLACE at our mini- trial this weekend! We got a 36 in dressage, went clean in cross country and she did a BEAUTIFUL and clean stadium round as well! We were tied for first after dressage with this expensive Hungarian Sport Horse baby, but then he got eliminated in stadium. Woo! Hoo!

I have to say, I was pretty psyched for our dressage test because Tia's been making great progress in practice at home.  Tia's  marks were all 6's and 7's which got us the score of 36!
The judge said "GREAT HORSE"  in the comments. What a way to finish up our eventing
season! Now it's time to get off her back and put her in harness and see if I can finally hook her up to that new cart of ours.

From: Jenna
To: Fredericka
Sent: Wednesday, May 08, 2002 8:10 PM
Subject Tia flat class training
 Today was yet another first for Tia!  This month will have LOTS of firsts for her as I'm concentrating on her training first and foremost this month.  I rode her in the ring with 5 other  horses/riders.  There was a lesson with 3 horses going on and two others riding.  I couldn't believe it!  She acted as if I'd ridden her among horses a million times.  She listened to me totally while passing horses on the inside, the outside, changing directions and circling!  This girl never ceases to impress me!  The only time I had difficulty was when a person entered the arena on foot.  Tia insisted on going right up to their face and stopping to be doted upon.  Ha!Ha!  She sure is a people lover.One of the things I really love about these crossbreds is that they  are so darned versatile.  Tia can do anything I'd ever want to do with her. she's just the perfect horse for me. 

From: Jenna
To: Fredericka
Sent: Monday, May 27, 2002 11:28 PM
Subject:  Tia's 1st "other rider"
 I was riding Tia in the indoor arena last Friday night and this little 14 year girl was watching the whole time.  When I was done I asked her if she wanted to ride Tia.  She nervously said yes and ran to get her helmet.  I told her that Tia was the most gentle horse I know and would never do anything to hurt her.  She got on and walked and trotted around beautifully all by herself!  I had tears in my eyes, it was so darned cute!  I can't believe I have a 2 year old horse that I can totally trust with a child on her that's
priceless!   Jenna

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