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 Sire: Trophy-Percheron x Dam: Thoroughbred


Talora at Ten months

From: Sherry
Sent: Monday, June 18, 2001
Subject: Talora

Fredericka and Robin,

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how Talora is doing.  I looked at her pictures on the web site.  She has really grown since those were taken!
Everyone adores her.  She made her debut at a clinic for basic horsemanship the weekend before last.  It was her first time off the farm since she came to live with us.  We worked on advanced leading and trailering and she
learned to pony behind Brownie.  She was better behaved than many of the adult horses.  She hopped right in the trailer to go to the clinic, but I still had the devider out so it was like a big stall.  She learned to back
out at the clinic, and now the divider is back in and she rides in the trailer just like a big horse!  She's game for pretty much any adventure.

She loves to go for walks and is very bright and mischevious.  At the clinic, she was playing with a folding lawn chair--the type with a web back and seat. She kept rocking it.  She picked it up by the seat and it snapped shut at the end of her nose and made her jump.  She quickly went right back up to it, however, she did stop playing with it!  We're trying to let her teach herself as much as possible.  Last weekend, I took her out with Brownie and some
other horses in the neighborhood for about a 45 minute trail ride. She was a very good girl.

She has her first appointment with the farrier coming up a week from Monday. It would have been this Wednesday, but I have to go out of town, and I want to be there when he works on her.  She's been very good about her feet, so I
don't anticipate any issues.

I've never know such an affectionate horse.  She loves to be groomed and wraps herself around me in the stall.  In short, she has been an unqualified joy to work with.  My husband, who was very skeptical about a baby, thinks
she absolutely perfect.  She's fearless, cooperative and always happy to try something new.  I need to be careful that I don't push her too fast!  She has the rest of her life to explore the world.  She dosen't need to do it all in
one summer.

Sherry and Talora


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