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Sent: Monday, May 28, 2007

Subject: RE: Ribbons

Hi There!

I just wanted to give you an up date. The show yesterday was really great!

I am so happy to say that Pam Morrill won the HP ribbons with an outstanding 68%. Her horse, Flying W Farms Fire Ruby  was shinning like a star!  I was so happy for her!  Fire Ruby  has matured since last year when I saw her.  You have to look and say" Is that a Hanoverian? Or a Dutch?" We say THAT IS A GEORGIAN GRANDE!

 The movement is very BIG and impressive!!  I think Ruby is the one to watch this year!  Really nice show, even with the not so nice weather we had yester day.

Princess did well. 

I got 63.684 at first four, which gives me my first Qualify score for the great American Championships.

I got 63.333 at First one.  This gives me my second score for my Bronze medal.  So, we accomplishment everything we set out to do yesterday.

I think Pam was really impressed with the ribbons.  I brought the IGGR ribbon and the Flying W Farms ribbon to hand out.  I think she was really surprised.  Big smile!!  Was so worth it!  The office was impressed with the ribbons.  I got a lot of WOW's those are nice!!!!

Thanks again for the support.  The Farm really makes riding these horses special!!!

Kim and Princess

Kim sent these photos and email June 21st, 2006

Hi Fredericka,
I wanted to give you an up date on Princess Star on Fire  so far this year (for 2006.)

We went to our first A rated show in May, l’ Aperitif here in Washington.   We rode training level 3 taking a 65.000% which gave me a first place ribbon! Big classes, with lots of big horses! 
Then I rode Training level test 4 which was our first qualifying ride for region 6, we took first place again with a 68.462% which gave us the highest score of the day. We walked home with the high Score ribbon of the day for the show!!!!!! What a good girl!

We just got back last weekend from Beaujolais A rated horse show here in Washington.  Was another weekend filled with successes! I rode T-3 65.833 Taking first place!  Big class!  T-4 65.385 This was a qualifying ride for region 6. 

2nd day of the show, we rode T-3 taking 63.750 placing 4th out of 15 riders.  This was my error; I went off course in my pattern.  Then I rode T-4 another qualifying ride for region 6, I got a 69.231 taking 1st place out of 18 riders.  I missed high score for the show by like half of a point!  Princess grew a crowd; I had people coming up to the stall wanting to know where I got her!  Was pretty cool!  I also have to note the conditions this weekend were wet, muddy, and yucky!!!!  Typical Washington rainy weather! We plowed threw ankle deep mud to get into the ring. There was a hug mud puddle at X.  She had to halt and salute in a puddle!!!  She did it, where a lot of horses where balking and going around!!!
I saw another Flying W Farms horse at the show.  The horse was stunning!  I even had to ask, where did you get that horse!  What presence  in the ring!!!!!
(*note from Fredericka; the other horse was Flying W Farms Fire Ruby! owner/trainer/rider Pam Morrill!)

We only need one more ride of 63% or better to qualify for region 6.  We have only been to two shows this year! Next month we are going to break out of my comfort zone and do first level!!!!!

Thanks for such a great horse!!
Kim Taylor And Princess Star on Fire.



FWF Horse of the Year 2005

Kim Taylor accepting Flying W Farms Princess Star on Fire

Gentleman on left is George Williams,USDF/VP
 On the  right is Harry Taylor, Kim's husband


Princess Star on Fire won Horse of the Year in her level for both our Farm and for IGGHR 2005

She is on her way to lst level champion for 2006!!!  Flying W Farms wishes Star and Kim all the best!

Foaled 5/2/2001 
   Sire Koning (Friesian) mother Starlet Ridge (Saddlebred)




(age three years photos below)
 Owner/rider/trainer  Kim Taylor



August 11, 2004

Hi Fredericka, 

Princess Star on Fire has been a dream to work with.  I started her as a yearling all by self.  She is such a love! 
Her presence in the ring stops and draws a crowd at the  shows I have been to, among them an   A rated Horse show we attended in
the spring at Pensacola, FL.  I get asked all the time “what is she?”Her show recorded for this year is as stands:
(All shows 2004, and she is only three year old, look what she has done!)

June 12   Jan Gill “R” Judge  (TWO firsts and one second place)
Sport Horse in Hand-Mares 2nd place 65%
Intro A 1st place 65.0%
Intro B 1st place 64.285 

June 19th, 04   Mary Lewis “R” Judge  RESERVE CHAMPION FOR THE DAY!
Sport horse in hand mares 3yrs and over 1st place 67.00%
Intro A 71.50%
Intro B 66.67%
Reserve Champion for the day 

July10, 2004  Bill Woods “R” Judge  THREE FIRST PLACE! GRAND CHAMPION!!!!

Sport horse in hand Mare 3yrs and older 67.9% 1st place 
Intro A 58.0 1st place
Intro B 64.28 1st place Grand Champion for her division. She was in heat on this day, and not "on" like she usually is. 

May 1 (A rated) Pensacola, Fl. Lois Heyerdahl “S” Judge  FIRST PLACE "A" RATED SHOW!
Intro A 57.00% 1st place

April 17, 2004 Jan Gill “R” Judge  One First, Two seconds, Reserved Champion!!!!

Sport Horse in hand Mare 3yrs older 64.00% 2nd place
Intro A 61.5% 2nd place
Intro B 62.38% 1st place
Reserve Champion for her division. 

February 21, 2004 Bill Woods “R” Judge   (This was her first time out, very first show!)
Sport horse in hand 3yr mares and older 64.5% 2nd place
Intro A 61.5% 3rd place
Intro B 61.904% 4th place

This was her very first show and first time out ever!  

She has one more show Sept 11 for the year and she will be done with the season down here. 
She has been up against all types of horses from Arabs to Dutch Warm bloods.  She really shines in the ring!
She loves people.  Everyone at the barn loves her.  She has a fan club!  I love this mare and we have a special bond.  

I trail ride her all the time.  I work very little in the ring.  She loves water so we walk out in the Gulf of Mexico all the time. 
I ride her on deer trails out in the woods and Princess is very brave and daring.  Rarely, I mean rarely, does she ever spook at anything!  When I haul her places she walks out of the trailer calmly and patiently, like she has been there her whole life. 

I do not lunge at all!  I saddle her up, climb on and we walk off together to enjoy the day!  It is very easy to forget she was 05/02/01 baby!  My daughter puts Princess’ bridle on in the pasture to climb on bare back, and then off they go together down the road. Once again, no lunging, no running around to tire her out, and how many 3yr olds can you say that about?   I would definitely  recommend one of Flying W Farm's horses to anyone that was looking for a really nice versatile horse!  Really top quality!

Thank you George, Fredericka and Robin  for the breeding this wonderful mare!

Kim Taylor, owner Princess Star on Fire


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