Flying W Farms Skiptango

Owned by Sue

Black turned Grey TB X Percheron Gelding
Sire: FWF Trophy-Percheron

Dam: FWF Diamonds in Denver-Grey Thoroughbred

Skiptango at 12 years


Hi Fredericka,

 I have attached some very recent pix of he and I taken this past Sunday. You can really see how balanced, rounded, and through he is. Heís really coming along nicely.  Heís eight now, sound as can be, and has matured to 16hh.  As you can also see, he is very white!!  I call him my big Lippizan!! LOL



Skiptango's owner Susan Robinson is a

BHS certified (BHSAI), graduate of Crabbet Park School of Equitation, Ltd., Sussex, England


Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One of my greatest pleasures in life is simply watching my animals.  Iíve always enjoyed that.  Sometimes when the horses are bedded down for the night, Iíll stand at Skipperís stall door and just watch him eat his hay and listen to the contented munching sounds.  Animals truly are good for the soul and I feel sorry for people who donít enjoy them as they are missing out on so much. 



Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2007 2:17 PM

I MUST say that Skipper is one HANDSOME fellow!!  He is sooooo white (silver) these days, and getting more and more flea bitten flecks.  He has the biggest, most liquid eyes, and has quite a "noble" expression about him.  Often his pix don't do him justice.  And his feet-the best, most solid, and well shaped feet on any horse I've ever seen.  Every blacksmith and vet that's seen him has commented on his great feet.  (Remember, Fredericka, I was concerned about feet when I bought him and you had your vet certify that his feet were great!!)  When it's warm out or he's been working, his veins are way prominent, showing his TB breeding, and his mane and tail are silky soft with just enough wave to show he's a true "warmblood."  Unless people are told in advance, strangers who see him never guess he's a draft cross.  And that's just the way I like it.  Skipper has substance without being course or "clunky" and refinement with plenty of bone.  He is exactly what I was hoping for in a draft cross.  Sorry for going on and on.  I usually don't brag so much on my boy, but I'm extremely proud of him and proud to take him places and show him off.  He is impressive.  Sue


From: Susan

To: Fredericka Wagner

Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2007 10:26 AM

 Skipper's name is Flying W Farms  Skiptango (show/registered name) which suits him to a tee!  His sire was Flying W FarmsTrophy (Percheron) and his dam was Flying W Farms Diamonds in Denver (grey Thoroughbred)  . Skipper was foaled 7/3/2000

Skipper is now 6 and has proven to be everything I was looking for in a horse at this point in my life.  More than anything else, I wanted a horse that was steady, sane, and sound in mind and body.  Skipper has turned out to be all of that and more.  He is the easiest horse I've ever known to work with and train.  When it comes to riding, there has NEVER been a problem.  And what a rush it was to be the very first person ever to back him!!  That was something I'll never forget.  Although I didn't buy Skipper with the goal of showing him, his work in dressage is coming along so well that we may decide to test the waters in the dressage arena at a few local shows and see how it goes.  At the very least, my goal is to get him to 4th level and possibly beyond, time permitting, just for my own enjoyment.  He is presently at first level but schooling some second level movements.  Skipper is a powerful boy with much potential for the collected gaits and just enough "attitude" to help him move up the levels.  He truly is my partner for life!

Sue and Skipper




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