Flying W Farms Princess Rubicon Vorst

Friesian X Percheron Priesian Mare

Sire: Koning-Friesian X Dam: Kelly's Frosty Babe a Grey Percheron

Owner Jane Marek



Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Subject: Happy New Year
Dear Fredericka & Robin:
Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.  We are looking forward to seeing more black horses on your website as the spring babies start arriving.  I am wrting to update you on our versatile Friesian/Percheron cross, Rubicon, she will be 6 in April.  She had quite a busy year, we did a cow clinic with Bruce Logan in August, she had no problems spitting the herd of about 13 longhorn cattle!  We also swam in the lake, what a sensation that was!  In the fall we were fortunate to be able to participate in a clinic held by the Metropark Rangers; we crossed mattresses, tarps, pushed the big ball they use to train their horses for crowd control, and walked calmly by flares & a running vacuum cleaner.  She was marvelous & the youngest horse there; the rangers loved her attitude and temperament.  We dressed her in a Santa sheet for Christmas, I attached a few pics.  She is so naturally curious and sensible and is one of the most people-oriented horses I have met.  She truly is the horse of my dreams, we are forever grateful for having met you.  Hope to see you in the Spring.  Best regards, Jane Marek 



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Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Subject: Rubicon

Dear Fredericka & Robin:

Ruby is back from Texas, where she spent 6 months with Bruce Logan.  She is about 16 H now and look at her gorgeous silver mane!  She was everyone's favorite!  She has started lightly under saddle and is very sensible.  She even drove cattle and buffalo.  She is extremely curious and playful.  We are so excited to have her back and thought you would love to see how she is growing.  All the best, Jane Marek

June 30, 2006
Hi, Fredericka and Robin;
I hope all is well at Flying W.  We are enjoying Ruby immensely!! Everybody loves her.  I took Ruby
to a 10-day foundation clinic in Port Clinton last week  The instructor was from Texas, Bruce Logan.  Carol also sent Sarah and Vernoot was there too.  So 3 FWF horses -all Koning's too.  They all did great- you both would have been very proud.  Vernoot is 4 now and he is all filled out and gorgeous.  Ruby and Sarah were the 6th FWF horses Bruce Logan has worked with, he is a colt-starting expert  from Texas.  He loves your horses and would like to meet Koning, he said he must be some stallion as all his offspring are smart with great temperaments. My filly Princess Rubicon Vorst! has the saddle on. 
(Bruce rode her 9 times!!!).  He really loves your horses!!!
There were a lot of  people at the clinic were asking about them!  happy fourth!  Thanks again! Jane


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