Flying W Farms Royal Black

aka Roi

*Note; we are so proud of this pair! please be sure to scroll all the way down and read the amazing story in the her 9/6/05 letter! Wow! talk about triumph over adversity!

We at FWF agree with JQ where she says

Dressage Champion!
Sire: Koning -Friesian Dam: TB 

Owner/trainer/rider  Jennifer Quigley!


Judge Amy Jablonovsky, USEF "R" Judge 

Single High Score Open - Saturday
Jennifer Quigley and

Flying W Farms Royal Black, 72.9166%


From: Jennifer Quigley
Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Subject: Royal Black Show Results!!
 This weekend we had our first show of the season.  Roi and I haven't been out in the show ring for two years! I was busy having another baby. I have been riding him every chance I get. Sometimes I run to the barn just to have a full half hour to work him.  He is so great I don't have to lunge him before I get on I just warm him up on top. We went to the show just so that we could get the experience. We ended up having the high score for the day! I came back with two blues and a great feeling of accomplishment! While riding my first test, and rounding the last corner, I thought, " I love this horse!"

 I must have had 25 people come up to me and ask about him. Some were
 wondering why we were showing in training level because they said he looked like a FEI horse! The judge even asked about him. He is 17hh now and jet black except for about five white hairs on his forehead. We are working for the top, family,babies and all!!  have sent an attached videos on my other E-mail. The last part shows my three year old sitting on him. He loves to ride Roi.
 Jennifer Quigley>
 P.S He was Shown under the name:Flying W Farms Royal Black.>
 The next tests are in May.
The results from the March Show are posted on the Web the link is above.
The last show was last weekend, Those scores should be posted by the end of the week.
We also won this test and had the high score of the day by the time is was to leave..
The next show is a big one. It is  Dahlwhinnie Ridgeway...
Jennifer And Roi

Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
Hi, Fredericka;

I just completed the 2005 show season this labor day weekend.
Roi and I received Reserve Grand Champion for Training Level;

I have to say that this horse is quite amazing. I have had a very rough summer, loosing my mother (a very close friend too) this summer. Roi has been very forgiving. With two small children and a devastating event he made it easy. He never fell backward on his training, and was always ready to learn. I believe that we could have easily done champion had I had more time riding him. He was out of shape and was having a hard time because of it. But he never fussed and he never gave
up. WHAT A GREAT HORSE!! Also, thank your daughter for spending time with him as a baby, he is such a people horse. That has helped so much at the shows. He trusts me and doesn't look for the other horses for support. If you need more scores they will be on line at
Thanks Fredericka,

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