Flying W Farms Horses Princess Gypsy De La Danza


Filly born in 2001


Photos at age five months


From:  Sorrentino
Sent: Sunday, June 09, 2002 11:15 PM
Subject: Re: Princess Gypsy

Hello Fredericka and Robyn,
Just wanted to let you know that Princess Gypsy is just unbelievable.

Today I clipped her bridle path area and her face....and the most amazing part, she had some long fluffy hair on her stomach and I just reached under and clipped her.....Personality and looks.... we love her (and so does
everyone who meets her).  It's hard to believe she isn't even a year old yet!.

Thanks for this special girl! Anyone who wants a wonderful baby should visit your farm.....!

Pete and Char Sorrentino


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